March Weather Guide

Discover the highs and lows of March in various destinations around the world.

 City  High (°F)  Low (°F)  What to Expect
 Rio de Janeiro  85  74   Warm
 Cancun  84  71   Warm
 Bahamas  80  64   Warm
 Orlando  78  56   Cool
 Scottsdale  78  46   Cool
 Sydney  77  64   Cool
 Miami  76  65   Cool
 Las Vegas  70  49   Cool
 Myrtle Beach  68  44   Cool
 San Francisco  62  49   Cool
 London  52  39   Cold
 Paris  51  38   Cold
 New York City  50  35   Cold
 Lake Tahoe  49  23   Cold
 Vancouver  49  46   Cold
 Aspen  46  20   Cold

Where is the Best Weather in March?

March temperatures have a lot of unpredictability about them, but there are some sure-fire bets. As far as the USA goes, the Southeast tends to have the comfiest weather in March. Think Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, or Florida (Miami and Key West are excellent beach destinations this time of year). Southern California (think Los Angeles), Arizona, and Texas are also especially sunny, making the lake or beach tempting.

Traveling Abroad

Where is the best weather in March, outside the US? While Hawaii is a year-round favorite, March is one of its cooler months. Other tropical destinations besides Hawaii that are worth journeying to in March include the Caribbean, in particular Cuba, and many countries in Central and South America - Argentina and Chile are a few highlights.

If the Caribbean and Americas seem like a bore to you, why not head to Australia, or perhaps Cape Town in South Africa? Both of these spots on the globe feature lovely weather in March.

All that being said, while the weather in Europe isn't at its best in March, this means you can enjoy a quieter off season vacation in places like Paris or London.   

Skiing for Spring Break

While many destinations are in full bloom this time of year, ski season hasn't yet wound down in the US, so you can still hit the slopes at Colorado resorts in Breckenridge, Aspen, and more. And although it's cold and rainy in the Northeast, skiing in Vermont (Stowe, Killington) a highlight. Canada and the Alps are also great bets.


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