Best Beach Vacations in June

Even New England is a pretty warm place to take a dip in June. Some of the best beach vacations in June are actually in places you might not initially think would be warm. The great thing about summer is that it turns even temperate places into great beach experiences. While this group of beach locations is still mostly focused on traditionally warm places, people based in the United States will still find some great places that are reasonably easy to get to.

Jamaica june beach vacationOcho Rios, Jamaica

Ocho Rios is a great spot to grab some beach time, and the Ocho Rios Jazz Festival is an excellent reason to do so in June. As Jamaica becomes more worldly by the year, world jazz is certain to be a part of the festival's tradition for years to come. You might even hear the sweet sounds echoing through the window of your rental.


Bonaire is one of the big places you go when you love to scuba or snorkel. If you've ever had the urge to get into underwater photography, the Bonaire Dive Festival might be right up your alley. It lets you enter a contest for your dive shots and attend lectures put on by some of the top diving photographers in the world.

Chincoteague Island, Virginia

One of the best beach vacations in June consists of heading out of your rental to the local harbor scene or checking out the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge . The sight-seeing in this area is amazing, and the pace of life is a little slower than much of the area.

The Florida Keys

Bahia Honda Key State Park Beach is an incredible place for relaxation. Since it's protected, nobody builds here. Leave your rental with your beach chair and wade out about a hundred feet to a sandbar, where you can sit and relax like never before. The water temperature is just about perfect, too, if you feel like taking a dip.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Nauset Town Beach is a great place to go for a barbecue on the beach, some great fishing and a cold beer at the Land Ho! The area is protected from being insanely developed because it's part of the Cape Cod National Seashore , so you can still take in some great unspoiled beauty.

Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach is a great place for diving and partying. But sometimes that gets a little old, so June's Rogest Art Down Under Week adds art events to the mix. Leave your rental to attend a wine and cheese opening or throw your brush in the ring and enter an art contest or two.


One of the best beach vacations in June takes place near the main harbor. Woodes Rogers Walk takes place during a festival called the midyear Junkanoo, which features tons of performances, song and dance and general revelry. They don't call this Paradise Island without a reason.

st petersburg fl june vacation St Petersburg, Florida

John Levique Pirate Days are a great reason to leave the best beach here, Saint Pete Beach and spend some time learning about old-fashioned privateers.

Saint Kitts

The Saint Kitts Music Festival happens in June, and you can leave your rental early to check out the two main beaches: North Frigate , which is a rougher but lovelier place, and South Frigate, which is more serene and placid but less exciting.

Capri, Italy

Italy is a bit different than most of the places on this list. The brightly colored fishing boats more than make up for the slightly gray sand, and the relaxed culture of the area makes the place very soothing.

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