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  • Cheap Getaways in July

    Sun, surf and sand - beaches and water activities are the best and cheapest vacations you can take in the summer making great cheap getaways in July.

  • Best Family Vacations in July

    You can hear the National Anthem in your heart when July comes around, because it's all about Independence Day! God bless, America. Obviously, though, it's about making your 4th a spectacular one, and it's not the school season, so go ahead and travel. Whe…

  • 10 Best July Vacations

    By the time July rolls around, all kids are out of school, the last hints of June gloom have given way to bright sunshine, and summer is in full swing. It's vacation time. Whether you’re planning an Independence Day weekend getaway or a longer vacation lat…

  • Romantic Getaways

    July is the height of summer. Whether you want escape the heat or frolic in the sun, we have some suggestions for your love bird's getaway.

  • Best Beach Vacations in July

    July is prime summer beach vacation time. Even Canada gets into the beach act. From northern North America to the Caribbean, you can find all kinds of beachy goodness for a summer vacation to remember.