January Weather Guide


To get a good feel for January weather, here's a look at the average temperatures in popular destinations around the world.

City High (fahrenheit)  Low (fahrenheit) What to Expect
Rio De Janeiro 85  74 Very Warm
Cancun 81 67 Very Warm
Sydney 78 66 Warm
Bahamas 78 63 Warm
Miami 74 61 Cool
Orlando 71 49 Cool
Scottsdale 69 39 Cool
Las Vegas 58 39 Cool
San Francisco 57 46 Cool
Myrtle Beach 57 34 Cool
London 46 36 Cold
Lake Tahoe 43 16 Cold
Paris  43 34 Cold
Vancouver 42 32 Cold
New York City 38 26 Very Cold
Aspen 36 29 Very Cold


Where is the best weather in January?

Getting away in January? Then you may be wondering, "where is the best weather in January?" Well, for lots of sunshine, you'll want to head South. Florida, especially its southern coast all the way down to the Keys, and Hawaii are always open for sand and surf-style fun. However, it's tropical hot spots way down south, like in the Southern Hemisphere, that are enjoying summertime in January. Favorite destinations include Central America (especially Guatemala), the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America (Peru is a highlight this time of year).

January Weather Surprises

But that's hardly all. Cape Town in South Africa has 11 hours of sunshine a day in January, while Southeast Asia (Thailand, in particular) is also beautiful this time of year.

But there's plenty to do in the North Hemisphere, too. States in the USA known for super hot climates - like Texas, the California desert region, and Arizona - are actually quite comfortable in January.

Go Skiing

The best weather in January may mean snowy, ski-worthy weather to you. Plan your January vacation in Colorado, British Columbia, the Alps, or another ski destination.

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