Hawaii in January

You really don't need much of an excuse to want to go to Hawaii, and with January's weather and post-holiday letdown at home, let's go! Some people travel to Hawaii in January for the festivals, to avoid crowds, or for the break from wintery weather. While January is technically Hawaii’s winter too, temperatures are still warm and welcoming.

Weather in Hawaii

Hawaii experiences two seasons: summer from May to October and winter from November through April. The difference between them is less than 10 degrees on an average day, with average summer temperatures at 85 and average winter temperatures at 78. You'll still enjoy the beaches, outdoor activities and tropical paradise of Hawaii - especially if you're escaping snow and ice back home. Winter days are warm but not too warm, and nights are slightly cool, about 10 degrees cooler than temperatures during the day.

What to Do

When you plan Hawaii vacations in January, you aren’t tied only to the beaches. During the summer, hot temperatures can keep visitors on the beaches where a refreshing swim is only a few steps away. Trips planned during the winter have the potential to get out and explore. A range of activities, from hiking to horseback riding to star gazing, is available across the Hawaiian Islands. In addition to time spent on the beach, each island has its own attractions and special activities to offer.

The Big Island

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The Big Island in Hawaii has a reputation for adventure to begin with. And then in January, when temperatures aren’t too hot, there are even more things to do. Choose between hiking through rainforests, trekking across volcanic deserts, or picnicking on black sand beaches. Days on the Big Island can be spent surfing, playing golf, or visiting one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Kilauea.


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More January pleasures are waiting on the island of Maui. Here, take a day away from sunbathing to drive the famous road to Hana. This winding coastal road takes in waterfalls and dramatic gorges en route to a small town with a black sand beach. Other fun options for experiencing Maui beyond the beaches include shopping in Lahaina, exploring Haleakala National Park, or taking lessons at a championship golf course. Maui is also known for its excellent restaurants and in January, reservations won't be required weeks in advance.


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The islands of Hawaii are at their busiest during the summer months and over the holidays. In January, crowds thin out, and Oahu will be yours to enjoy without interruption. Don’t miss the dramatic views from the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout or the exciting flavors of Hawaii regional cuisine in the best restaurants of Honolulu. Explore the historic and scenic sights near Honolulu. One historic attraction of note on the island is Pearl Harbor. A visit in January will offer a quieter atmosphere to visit this important historic site.


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Explore a wide range of places on the island of Kauai. This island is a good match for adventurous travelers that want to go for a hike along the Waimea Canyon in addition to lounging on the local beaches. With so much variety in Kauai, you can plan exactly the laid-back Hawaii vacation you've been dreaming of. Be sure to take a boat ride along the Napali Coast to see the incredible cliffs and slow down for a meal in one of the island’s small towns such as Koloa or Hanapepe. This scenic island is also great for exploring by air - sign up for a small seaplane tour.

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