Best Family Vacations in January

The winter time is one of the best times of the year to go on a family vacation. January is actually one of the best months of the year to take a trip for several reasons. For one thing, January is the start of a fresh year, and trying new things is a great way to kick things off. Another reason why January is so awesome is that it sits between the holiday travel season and Spring Break, meaning a lot of people aren't traveling at all and there are good deals on uncrowded places. The following is a list of the best family vacations in January.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver Island is a great place to give your kids some incredible experiences. Step out of your rental for a creepy crawly good time at the Victoria Bug Zoo, or let your children feed salmon to hawks native to the area.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

The ski schools are great for teaching your children how to ski, and the town is chock full of other activities. With all kinds of blue and green terrain, just going for a long hike as a family can be a great experience. Plus, the area isn't very crowded, so you won't have to endure the bustle of the more popular and touristy spots.

St. Lucia, the Caribbean

One of best family vacations in January is in a place that's reasonably warm and sunny, even in January. Forget about making a snowman - your kids can make their own sandman while you enjoy the beach. It isn't as hot as during the summertime, but it's still shorts weather.

Grand Targhee, Wyoming

This area isn't as rich in nightlife, but it is a great place to relax. The main emphasis is on skiing, but there are plenty of other family-friendly activities if that gets boring. The area carries a more folksy feeling.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale is known for having great hiking and plenty of activities. Lounge around your rental or take your kids to the Musical Instrument Museum to play in the Experience Gallery, where they can make music of their own. Then take them to the Sugar Bowl for some delicious traditional treats.

Snowmass, Colorado

Snowmass is a bit less pricey than Aspen, but it still offers great skiing and a lot of fun kids' programs. Since the entire area is fairly easy to navigate, you won't necessarily have to rent a car, which will let your kids burn off some energy.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Another of the best family vacations in January features soft sand. It's cold most places in January, but not Punta Cana. Build some sandcastles and enjoy the beach while your friends shiver back home.

Taos, New Mexico

There's great skiing and snowboarding in this town, but one of the best things about Taos is that you can get away from the cold and take a tour of the classic southwestern architecture.

Key West, Florida

Key West carries a great combination of high energy nighttime activities with a lot of enjoyably mellow daytime downtime. Step out of your rental to take a walk on the beach, and get a babysitter for the kids while you dance the night away.

Vail, Colorado

A great thing about going to Vail during this part of the season is that it experiences a slight lull. The crowds are pretty steady in this extremely popular resort area, but if you time it right, you can get your kids into ski school and find some amazing views from the mountainside. This is a popular place for a reason.

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