Best Skiing in February

A lot of the best skiing in February happens in Europe. Because of the unique Mediterranean climate on this peninsula of peninsulas, the temperatures are slightly higher during the deep winter. This makes the climate more conducive to a fun experience instead of a frostbitten one. Step out of your vacation rental into some powdery snow, and feel the wind on your face as you glide down these hills.

St. Anton, Austria

There's a lot of off-piste mileage to ski in St. Anton. The glitz and glamour of the area is dwarfed by the sheer amount of skiing opportunities you have in this area. The best reason to avoid the crowds is you'll need time to take in the incredible powder.

Krvavec, Slovenia

A great deal of the best skiing in February can be found in Krvavec, which is just a brief taxi and gondola ride from the airport to the slopes. With tons of great types of terrain and snow making, you'll find plenty to interest you here.

Seefeld, Austria

They held the 1985 World Championships here because the slopes are incredible. Pop out of your rental, grab a bite to eat at the Seefelder Stub'n, and enjoy some exceptionally short transfer times. There are over 250 kilometers of marked trails in this area, so your only real problem will be trying to squeeze in all of the gorgeous scenery during a single vacation.

Lillehammer, Norway

Lillehammer, site of the 1994 Winter Olympics, is just a laid back little town where some of the best cross-country skiing in the world is just a part of the local culture. You can also dog-sled, night ski, toboggan and ice skate in this winter wonderland.

Brides-Les-Baines, France

During the summer time, Brides-Les-Baines has every type of spa in the world inside. But during the winter, the skiing takes over, as the emphasis on health and fitness brings the thrills.

Le Corbier, France

This area actually offers great skiing to people of every level. Whether you're an old pro on the slopes or you just got the hang of attaching your skis, you'll find plenty to keep you challenged but not frustrated.

Livigno, Italy

This rustic town near the Swiss border goes well whether you're into cross-country skiing or have a craving for the hills. Along with some of the best skiing in February, Livigno boasts sleigh rides, snow-shoeing and horseback riding, which are just a few things to keep active.

Soldeu, Spain

Soldeu has cleaned up its old image as just a party spot for drunken British skiers. Today, walking out of your rental won't just take you to a hotbed of party spots, but a world-class area with brand new skiing infrastructure and a more serious tone to its treatment of the slopes.

Tremblant, Canada

The south side of the mountain, which is excellent in February, is both a dedicated beginner's skiing area and the home of a world-famous ski school where they guarantee you'll finish your classes at a higher skill level than you began. From the moment you walk out of your rental, you'll be in a French skiing paradise that will inspire you to become better.

St. Johann, Austria

If you want to bring your children along, St. Johann is a great place to go. The local ski school's 13-foot-tall penguin, Bobo, will greet them before their lessons. In St. Johann, the purpose of skiing is to have as much fun as you can. The fact that the ski school is located right off the town's main street is a pretty good indication that it's a big part of what makes St. Johann what it is.