Cheap Getaways in December

This world is expensive, and cheap getaways in December can be hard to find. Sometimes they're in the United States, and sometimes a plane trip to a far off continent is required to really reap the benefits of a cheap place. But no matter where you go when your budget is a little tight, you'll still have just as much fun as if you splurged like crazy. You don't have to be a Rockefeller to have a great vacation in a beautiful vacation rental.

cheap vacations in december praguePrague, Czech Republic

You might not initially think of a city in Europe as being inexpensive, but Prague has a lot to offer on a budget. The price of seeing the Charles Bridge , Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral ? Absolutely free. Lodging and meals are also fairly inexpensive here. Once the plane trip is out of the way, it's all inexpensive.

Sedona, Arizona

This scenic red rock paradise offers a more subdued climate than most of the country, but it's still cool enough that you won't have to pack for two different climates. Get into the woods and take in some fresh air at the Coconino National Forest , where the lack of crowds is romantic and the wildlife is sedate. On top of that, how much money could you possibly spend in the woods?

Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the most surprising cheap getaways in December is Las Vegas. During the holidays, most people are less interested in the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and the various adult pools around Sin City. The only big, i.e. expensive, time in Vegas in December is New Year's Eve, and that's a great day to fly home.

Napa-Sonoma, California

Most people don't associate wine tastings with an inexpensive time, but Sonoma Valley is home to dozens of wineries. If you want a really cheap time, leave your rental on a bicycle and spend the day touring this 17-mile stretch. Ask every winery if they offer free or inexpensive samples because many do.


Leipzig is the heart of German culture. Not only was this a place where Bach and Goethe worked - and where their work is still appreciable, even on a budget- but the protests that broke down the Berlin Wall started here. History is fascinating and budget-friendly.

lake_tahoe_cabin.jpgLake Tahoe, Nevada

Two of the neatest things to do in this area are Flume Trail , which is a seriously challenging bike ride, and the Echo Lakes hiking trail . Step out of your rental and take a long walk, a long ride, or just sit and enjoy the natural beauty. Money can't really buy peace, and it's free anyway.




Costa RicaCosta Rica_Farm.jpeg

Step out of your rental and onto Puerto Viejo, which is one of the most popular beach destinations in the Caribbean. There's a party happening almost every night, and if you're an early morning person you'll have the beach mostly to yourself, since the party types like to sleep in.

Taos, New Mexico

One of the loveliest cheap getaways in December is the Taos Pueblo , which is spellbinding. If you love to tour museums, Taos will keep you very busy. Since the weather is nice, you won't have to worry about bundling up.


Greeks have a lot of feasts commemorating saints during December, including Saints Barbara, Ignatius and Anna. Caroling in the streets happens all over the country late in the month, and inexpensive festivals seem to happen every week.

Quebec, Canada

Step out of your rental and over to the Aquaclub La Source Tremblant , where you can indulge in some primo water-related hedonism. At this early point in the season, the crowds are nigh nonexistent.

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