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  • Cheap Getaways in August

    The end of August means cheap clearance flights, so why not take advantage and head to one of these exciting but cheap getaways in August?

  • Best National Parks to Visit in August

    With the school year just around the corner, visiting a national park in August is one of the best ways to maximize your summer vacation. Warmer August temperatures bring some of the best weather many national parks see all year. A little research into the…

  • 10 Best August Vacations

    There are two types of summer travelers: those who want to escape the heat, and those for whom it can never be quite hot enough. This list of the 10 best August vacations is balanced accordingly, and it is written with both types of traveler in mind.

  • Best Family Vacations in August

    August is the last chance for a great summer vacation, so make it a good one. What do you do? The answer's right here in this list of best family vacations in August. The sun's not gone, yet!

  • Best Beach Vacations in August

    August is the end of summer's height. The first few cool breezes heralding the coming fall begin this month, as winter slowly but surely begins to reassert itself. The temperatures are still very warm, but as the kids begin returning to school, the shorter…