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Bring the family a South Padre Island condo rental for your next Texas beach vacation.
It’s a quiet beach town that most Texans know and love, but few beyond the Northern border think about it  when they consider renting a condo on the beach – unless of course you’re a college aged co-ed scoping out South Padre Island for the next Spring Break hoohah.

Located in Cameron County, South Padre Island lies to the South, beyond the tip of Texas and situates itself between the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre Bay which means it’s a great place to steal away for a weekend.

This time forgo the boring hotel route and instead rent a South Padre condo for your next vacation; there are plenty of things to do in South Padre without having to worry about the young adult crowd. South Padre condos are perfect for families who are tired of cramming into hotel rooms. Condos provide the convenience of being on the beach, and usually with amenities exclusive to the resort. Find out more reasons why you should book that condo before going the hotel route.

Time is on your side

While splurging on a hotel room might seem like a good idea, spur of the moment, taking the time to browse through the South Padre condo rentals along the Texas Gulf Coast that are available is worth the time and effort. Chances are, you’ll find something that meets the needs of everyone in your group. Whether you want to throw down on a luxurious South Padre condo in some swanky resort or you prefer to keep it low key in an affordable condo that fits the family, it’s up to you. Keep in mind that those extra minutes spent searching will translate into hours of fun later.

South Padre Condos for fishing

Sure, South Padre has the party-town reputation but serious angler and dabblers alike know that it’s a prime spot to get some fishing done. Whether for you it’s hobby or sport, you’ll love the convenience of being right by the water, a convenience that several South Padre condos afford. Snook? Trout? Redfish? Pick your poison – of course if you’re lucky, your lure will be the final poison that baits those suckers on your hook. Don’t know what to do with it? Grill up what you catch in your condo’s kitchen and enjoy a true locavore meal.

Space to Spread Out

You wouldn’t all sleep in the same room at home, so why should you settle for less space on vacation? South Padre condos provide the space that everyone in your group needs to truly feel like they’re on vacation. Whether it’s sitting a while in the breakfast nook or having your own bedroom to retire to, having your own space is a luxury vacation rentals provide that a hotel room or suite can’t promise. Stop living out of your suitcase and enjoy closet space and room to stretch your legs.

Condos Have Amenities

Of course, thousands of travelers already know that all the amenities vacation rentals provide spells out a bargain for them. With comforts from home, like home amenities and a fully equipped kitchen for cooking meals, you may never want to go to a hotel again. Staying at a condo is like staying at someone’s private home and offers the experience of seeing South Padre through the eyes of the locals. And when you add in square footage alone, it’s easy to see you’re getting a deal.

Spring Break

We get it. Spring Break is a time to let loose. School is out and so is the sun and the spring season is kicking off the summer festivities that are sure to follow. However, this doesn’t mean families need to shy away from the Texas Gulf Coast as soon as March hits. South Padre condos are an excellent place to get away from the everyday rigmarole of getting the kids to and from school.

Find out more about South Padre Spring Break and things to do in South Padre Island.

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