How to Fish in Port Aranasas

Port Aransas Fishing Tips

Try these top tips for the best Port Aransas fishing.
Port Aransas or "Port A" as it's known - which isn't to be confused with another Port A in Texas (Port Arthur, another subject for another article). Port Aransas is known known as the Fishing Capital of the Texas Gulf and it's easy to see why locals and non-Texans alike flock to Port Aransas for the peak fishing seasons. 

Whether you have the extra cash to charter a boat or you prefer a more DIY style with a modest fishing pole or line, you'll find the waters surrounding Port Arther are teeming with all kinds of fish indigenous to the Gulf of Mexico.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish

Well it’s not quite Dr. Seuss, but Port Aransas is home to a variety of fish  which makes it a popular fishing destination with professional anglers and amateurs alike. Port Aransas and the Gulf of Mexico are full of sailfish, marlin, tuna, red snapper, kingfish and black-tip shark to name a few - a far cry from those bass you catch in the neighborhood pond back home. Deep sea fishing in Port Aransas is not just a means to an end, but an adventure. Much of the time, you never know what your line is going to pull up, just that you always have to be on your toes.

Charter a Fishing Boat

While prices range, depending on how big the boat you wish to charter is and how long you expect your fishing expedition to last, chartering a boat in Port Aransas is a smart way to save some time figuring things out on your own. Instead let a professional guide introduce you to the ocean he knows so well. Of course, you'll do all the work as you reel in your catch after a short ten minute struggle. If you're lucky your guide will know how to dress it so you can grill in back at your Port Aransas vacation rental later.

Stay in a Waterfront Rental

It makes sense to rent a Port Aransas beach house or condo that's near the water for the most convenience during your vacation. Look into vacation homes with access to boat slips or docks. Some vacation rental owners are members at a marina or beach club and are willing to share the benefits. Or choose a resort condo rental and enjoy the beach amenities (beverage service, for example) reserved for the special resort guests.

Fish for Dinner

Of course once you catch all those fish, depending on where you caught them and licensing restrictions, you're going to want to try to eat what you caught. After all you don't want that fish to have put up a struggle for nothing. Try out the custom kitchen in your vacation rental for a taste of fresh seafood you won't get from a restaurant. Port Aransas fish are some of the tastiest around and it's a treat to be able to try them when they're fresh out of the water.

Family Fishing Trips

You better do it now, Pops, before the kids are grown up and married and you have to sit there and wonder why you never took your kids on that fishing vacation you always promised them. Now’s the time to make good on the deal and pony up for a Port Aransas rental. And yes, Mom’s allowed to come, too. Before booking that trip to the Bahamas consider a Southern beach destination right at your fingertips. Port Aransas fishing vacation is a great way to bond with those kids you hardly see enough of back home. The quietness of fishing, plus the thrill of the catch will keep all ages occupied.

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