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Southern Hospitality

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A region of warm climates, mountainous terrain and deep burrows of American history, the Southeastern United States are regarded as some of the most prestigiously proud and traditional states in all of America. It's the birthplace of some of the most profound cultural aesthetics of American life, such as literature, music and food. It's where scenery and chivalry combine to provide a remarkable holiday experience of iconic landmarks and charitable locals that's unlike anywhere else in the country.

There's a reason the term "Southern hospitality" is used to describe the warm and amiable treatment put forth by American southerners to their guests. Manners and politeness are the foundation of southern philosophy, and their generosity is as renown as their dialect and cuisine. It's where the words of Tennessee Williams and William Faulkner inspired future generations of writers. It's the origin of the blues and gospel music that impacted the landscapes of music forever. Many former presidents call the Southeast home.

No other region in the United States captures the essence of inspiration, innovation and change quite like the Southeast. While the east coast has their metropolises and the west its serenity, it's the diligence and resilience of southern America that provides the backbone of authenticity to the country. Here's an overview of seven southeastern states in America that will make your next holiday an exploration into sublime scenery and vivid equanimity.

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