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  • Best Beach Vacations in December

    December brings to mind bone-chilling weather and the hassle of holiday time, so why not plan to head to the beach? There are plenty of options around the Caribbean and Hawaii - perfect winter escapes that are still relatively close to home. Here's a list …

  • December Weather Guide

    Wondering where to go on your December vacation? Embrace the winter weather on a ski trip, or escape the cold at a tropical beach. Here are the high and low temperatures for December in popular destinations around the world.

  • Pet-Friendly Winter Travel

    Winter vacations often include playing in the snow, hiking and getting cozy by the fireplace after a day of adventuring. Why wouldn’t your pet want to join in the fun?

  • Hawaii Vacation in January

    You really don't need much of an excuse to want to go to Hawaii, and with January's weather and post-holiday letdown at home, let's go! Some people travel to Hawaii in January for the festivals, to avoid crowds, or for the break from wintery weather. While…

  • Best Festivals in January

    Why let the festivities end with New Year's? Whatever you're interested in (food, music, film?) you can find a festival to match during the month of January!

  • Cape Cod Winter Rentals

    When most travelers envision Cape Cod, they think of summer days and fresh seafood. Yet there's another side of this peaceful destination to explore, one that you can find by choosing Cape Cod winter rentals. During the winter season you might not be dinin…

  • Winter Things to Do in Destin

    Destin, Florida is a great place to vacation, full of countless things to do and see. In Destin, winter things to do cover a wide spectrum, and keeping your mind open to new opportunities will help you find different events to attend, museums to see, fun a…

  • Best Beach Vacations in January

    Warm up with a beach vacation in January!

  • Best Beach Vacations in February

    February is a great month. Punxsutawney Phil either sees his shadow or doesn't, Valentine's Day sells a lot of flowers and chocolates, and some amazing beaches wait for the people who hate cold weather. While there may be snow covering the ground where you…

  • Family Vacations in December

    Christmas and New Year's are all about memorable experiences. It just happens to be in December. The wind chill can be a pain. Getting your car stuck can be worse, and maybe you're just plain tired of hanging up those Christmas lights - so here's the ten b…