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  • Sundance Film Festival

    First started as a way to showcase the best small independent American films, almost 40 years later, the celluloid celebration also includes the some of best new international films as well.

  • 10 Best Festivals in November

    Every traveler has his or her own favorite month to travel, and for many that time of year is November. This month is the kick off for the holiday season, full of Thanksgiving parades and excellent shopping opportunities. The best festivals in November wil…

  • Best Festivals in January

    Why let the festivities end with New Year's? Whatever you're interested in (food, music, film?) you can find a festival to match during the month of January!

  • Calle Ocho Carnival

    There is no bigger street party in Miami than the Calle Ocho Carnival, an event that is the culmination of weeks of special events in the city. An enormous party celebrating Latin culture in Florida, Calle Ocho includes food, music, vendors and more, all i…

  • Oktoberfest Destinations

    Whether German blood courses through your veins or not, there’s something irresistible about a music-infused, beer-enhanced party that simultaneously welcomes the coming of autumn and nods to a vibrant culture.