New York City 4th of July

New York City 4th of July
July 4, 2013
Manhattan, New York City

All across the U.S. there are wonderful Independence Day celebrations that could inspire a trip. Some are big, electric affairs while others host small town parades and barbeques. If you're looking for one of the biggest celebrations in the country, check out the New York City 4th of July celebration. Watching fireworks explode over the Hudson River on the west side of Manhattan is sure to be one of your most memorable 4th of July celebrations ever. In addition to the fireworks, this city puts on a range of Independence Day themed festivities.

new york city 4th of julyThe Celebration

Every year the New York City 4th of July celebration takes place on Independence Day . While some cities arrange their fireworks to take place on the closest weekend to the 4th of July, New York City schedules their works for the evening of July 4th. Sponsored by Macy's , the annual 4th of July fireworks spectacular is an elaborate event. The biggest decision you will make is not whether to see the fireworks, but where to watch them.

Where to Watch the Fireworks

If you're planning on a New York City 4th of July this year, you will want to do some research on where to watch the fireworks. The fireworks explode over the Hudson River, on the west side of Manhattan. For some visitors, the best way to watch the fireworks is from the other side of the Hudson, on the New Jersey side. This way, while enjoying a picnic on a riverside park in Hoboken, the Manhattan skyline will be the backdrop for the fireworks.

Others prefer to stay on the Manhattan side (instead of a simple one-stop on the PATH train to Hoboken). There are several places on the west side of Manhattan to watch the show, including Hudson River Park , the park that flanks the West Side Highway. Piers are also another great option, but arrive early as Pier 54 and Pier 84 both fill up quickly each year. One final option is to watch the fireworks from the deck of a boat. Tickets can be expensive, but include a memorable night of cruising around the Hudson. Companies that offer these types of tours include Water Taxi Cruise , the Jewel , and Clipper City .

Fireworks Details

Once you have your picnic all set up somewhere along the Hudson, you might be wondering about details for the rest of the evening. The fireworks show gets started around 9 p.m. Music is performed to sync up with the show and can be heard on the radio on 1010 WINS. If you want to see if this 4th of July celebration is for you, tune in to NBC at 9 p.m. to watch the whole extravaganza live on TV.

More 4th of July Fun

Beyond the fireworks, there are other ways that New York City celebrates the 4th of July. Other annual events include a Nathan's hot dog eating contest at 12 p.m. in Coney Island, outdoor concerts on Governor's Island , special holiday walking tours of different New York neighborhoods, and more. Whether you're looking for family activities or some entertainment to enjoy on a sunny summer's day, New York City will deliver.

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