Thankgiving in Plymouth, Massachusetts

Invite the entire family to a Plymouth vacation rental and do Thanksgiving the right way. Thanksgiving means too much turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving means a break from work, back-to-back football games and a license to nap.

But is that all? 

This year, discover the real meaning of Thanksgiving and celebrate in the place where it all began – Plymouth, Massachusetts .

Plymouth’s convenient location on Massachusetts’ South Shore makes it an ideal weekend getaway - for New Englanders, especially. Just fill up your tank, pack up the kids and head south (it’s much easier than making the trek all the way to Grandma’s house. We promise she’ll understand).

Plymouth is designed for tourists who, like you, want to learn more about America’s history and have never visited before. Stop by the Plymouth’s Visitors’ Center for maps and itineraries, and with any questions you may have. Here you can also sign up for tours and find out about various sites of interest in American heritage such as:A Plymouth house rental big enough for the entire family is the perfect spot for a holiday reunion.

  • Plymouth Rock
  • Plimoth Plantation
  • Mayflower II
  • Plymouth Public Library
  • Pilgrim Hall Museum
  • Burial Hill
  • Jabez Howland House

Stay in a Plymouth vacation rental while you’re here so you can truly experience the historical town through a local’s perspective. Plan a Thanksgiving feast made from authentic Pilgrim recipes, reminiscent of the first Thanksgiving. (Visit a nearby farmers’ market for the best deals on local harvest.) Cook Thanksgiving dinner in your Plymouth condo or house’s kitchen.  Gather your family and friends around a large dining table and imagine you’ve stepped back into the colonial era.

Of course, one must not live too much in the past. There are several activities in Plymouth to enjoy in the here and now, like golfing or fishing. Sign up for a tee time at a championship golf course, or charter a fishing boat. Looking for something more low key, more Thanksgiving-ish? Odds are, there’s a comfy couch in your Plymouth vacation home that’s parked in front of a large screen TV. (Go ahead, we won’t tell). Search for your special Plymouth vacation rentals today.

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