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Ocean Life in Bar Harbor

There are many appealing features that draw travelers to Bar Harbor, Maine. From the serene beaches to the fantastic seafood, this is one destination that was made for relaxing and family fun. Yet a trip wouldn't be complete without one thing: Bar Harbor whale watching tours. Take your family vacation to new heights by including a whale watching excursion in your itinerary. Seeing these massive creatures in their natural environment will be so thrilling, you might be tempted to sign up for another tour.

bar harbor whale watching Daytime Tours

One of the best options for families is daytime Bar Harbor whale watching tours. While whales are certainly the most impressive wildlife you will see on these tours, you will also find yourself face to face with many other creatures. Highlights of these tours include puffins, seals, eagles, and dolphins. From the deck of the boat, you will also see some of Maine's famous lighthouses.

These tours generally last three to four hours. For a tour this lengthy, you can expect a boat full of amenities. Most tour boats have bar service and indoor cabins, as well as a variety of outdoor viewing space. It is important to dress warmly, particularly in layers, as sea breezes can be chilly. You won't want to be forced indoors because you aren't dressed appropriately. Be sure to also bring your camera to try and capture some of the incredible wildlife.

Here are some examples of local Bar Harbor whale watching tour companies:
  • Bar Harbor Whale Watch CO
  • Acadian Nature Cruise
  • Robertson Sea Tours
  • Lulu Lobster Boat Rides
  • Sea Venture Custom Boat Tours

Sunset Whale Watching Tour

If you're planning a romantic getaway, one of the best options is sunset Bar Harbor whale watching tours. This late afternoon tour will cruise through Frenchman's Bay and along Acadia National Park . While you're keeping an eye out for whales, an onboard naturalist will provide plenty of information about the local wildlife and history of Gulf of Maine.

These sunset tours generally last three to four hours as well. The best place to see larger whales, a spot located approximately 25 miles south of Mount Desert Island , is included in the tour. On route, you will see puffins, harbor seals, and dolphins. Once you arrive, the types of whales that can be seen include humpbacks, finbacks, and minkes. Captains have also seen basking sharks, sunfish, and pods of dolphins on these sunset tours.

Planning Ahead

If you're interested in the sunset tour, these tours are available mostly during the summer months. During the rest of year, if you want to embark on a whale watching tour, you can do so in either the morning or the afternoon. The time of the tour takes two things into consideration: weather and the patterns of the whales.

Part of the fascination of encountering whales is not only seeing them, but interpreting what they are doing. An onboard naturalist will provide lots of details about the behavior of the whales. He or she will also let you know what you can do to help conservation efforts.

To avoid disappointment, you will want to book in advance. There are different prices for adults, children, and toddlers, and some tour companies offer family packages. The most important thing is to bring layers of clothing. Be sure you can fit a whale watching tour into your schedule, as some companies have a policy of not offering refunds on the price of their tickets. While it isn't guaranteed that whales will be seen on every single trip, the boat ride in itself offers many other wildlife viewing opportunities.

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