Las Vegas Weddings: Trendy, Tacky or Over the Top?

Vegas Weddings Do's & Don'ts

In the past getting married in Vegas has gotten a bad rap. Not anymore. These days Las Vegas weddings are more likely to be considered trendy rather than tacky (like the mustache). Weddings in Las Vegas are great for couples who don’t have the time or money for a traditional wedding at home or for those on their second or third marriages. Also, a Las Vegas vacation is a fun way for a couple with sense of humor to express themselves; after all who can help but laugh when an Elvis impersonator pronounces you “husband and wife”? But jokes aside, getting married in Las Vegas really is a practical way to get hitched without the hoopla. Invite your friends or sneak off to elope; either way you’re bound to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Do wear white – or off-white. Just because you’re taking the plunge in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to completely forego tradition. Get the best wedding dress you can afford – after all, it’s your day. You still get to be the prettiest bride, Vegas or not.las vegas condo rental

Do invite all your friends. Of course part of the allure of having a Vegas wedding is not inviting everyone you know. But luck is on your side; most of them won’t show up and the fair-weather friends you love to hate won’t have to ruin the best day of your life.

Don’t expect a reception. Las Vegas weddings do it assembly style – and your ceremony is just one in a long list. After the thirty minute ceremony, you’ll be on your own. Schedule a reception in one of the casinos on the Strip that offer private party rooms and fine Las Vegas dining.

Do bring a camera. Unless you can afford to bring your own personal photographer, your best bet is to bring your own picture-taking device. Designate a reliable friend to take the photos; digital cameras produce professional looking pics and you can always Photoshop the flaws later.

Don’t forget the cake. While Vegas wedding chapels take care of the ordained minister and music (and sometimes champagne), you’re responsible for providing a wedding cake. Order one in advance and have them deliver it to the reception room. It will feel much more festive with a cake.

Do arrive early. Make sure you get to Vegas a day before the wedding so you’ll have time to obtain a marriage license. Visit the Clark County Courthouse downtown and get hooked up with the documents you need. This will also give you a chance to check out all the things to do in Las Vegas.

Don’t keep it a secret. While no one likes a moocher, it’s no problem to let the casino and hotel know that you’re there for your wedding. You may get special upgrades or perks if they know you’re there for a special occasion. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Do stay for your honeymoon. Honeymoons in Vegas are a lot of fun, so why not stick around after the ceremony? With Las Vegas shows around the clock, first-class dining, championship golfing and even family friendly events, Las Vegas has it all. Why not begin your life as a couple in this exciting city?


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