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Few destinations offer the incredible diversity you’ll find across the state of Nevada. Looking to blow off a little steam? Plan a trip to Las Vegas, and indulge in all that Sin City has to offer from gambling to nightclubs to fine dining. More interested in the natural side of Nevada? Lake Tahoe will reveal some of the best scenery in the state, for winter skiing or summer hiking. No matter where you set your sights, the perfect place to stay on your trip will be a vacation rental - and Nevada has lots to choose from.

When to Visit

Travelers plan trips to Nevada all year long. Lake Tahoe is known as an all-season destination. It is just as popular with ski enthusiasts as it is with travelers who prefer warmer temperatures for some beach time and boating. From December to March, Lake Tahoe is especially popular during the peak of ski season. This Nevada destination is equally popular in the summer months when families plan trips during a school break.

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, you might want to visit Lake Tahoe outside of the high season. In the fall when kids go back to school, Lake Tahoe has a more serene atmosphere and the weather is still pleasant. The spring is also an option, although some hiking trails will be wet and soft under foot from the melting snow.

You won’t have these same considerations when it comes to Las Vegas. This city is one of those rare destinations that doesn’t really have an off season. With warm temperatures and endless entertainment all year long, you will always find action in Las Vegas. There are some times of year where you might find too much action, and you’ll want to plan around it. These are often influenced by annual events in Vegas such as Halloween, New Year's, Independence Day, and other holidays.

What to Expect

lake tahoe nevadaNo matter what destination you choose in Nevada, you should expect fun and entertainment. In Lake Tahoe, the great outdoors provides most of the entertainment. Families can spend their trip skiing and sledding during the winter or fishing, boating, and hiking during the summer. This environment is also perfect for spending a few hours sunbathing on the beaches. Don’t forget about nightly entertainment — this is Nevada after all and casinos are everywhere.

In Las Vegas you can expect the outrageous, the decadent, and the thrilling. This town is known for way more than just casinos. You can spend your evenings catching the latest shows from concerts to magic to the circus. There are nightclubs featuring the hottest DJs, Las Vegas restaurants featuring the most famous celebrity chefs, and amusement rides that provide thrills with incredible heights.

A different atmosphere will be found in Mesquite. Here you will find dramatic desert landscapes, and the opportunity to spend your days playing golf, exploring natural parks, relaxing in the spa, or gambling in the casinos. This is a great destination for families looking to plan on outdoor adventure, or couples looking to spend some time alone together. The vast open spaces of Nevada are ideal for a romantic getaway.

Must Bring

Your packing list will vary greatly depending on your Nevada destination. If you’re planning a trip to Lake Tahoe, all you need are casual clothes. Here you will want to pack clothes that can take a beating from hiking, mountain biking, and boating. No restaurants here require anything too fancy, so leave your nice clothes at home in favor of comfortable clothes.

Las Vegas on the other hand is the chance to break out every fancy dress and pair of high heels in your closet. You might think that warm temperatures mean you won’t need a jacket or sweater, but Las Vegas is also known for blasting the air conditioning, so be sure to bring along at least a layer or two. Anything goes in Las Vegas, from jewelry to handbags to high heels — bring it all and show it off at the nightclubs and restaurants.

Getting There

Part of what makes a trip to Nevada so appealing is the fact that it is so easy to get here. Las Vegas is by far the largest airport in the state, and offers service to a very long list of destinations both in the U.S. and internationally. There’s no need to rent a car when you come to Vegas — you can easily get around with public transportation and taxis.

Planning a trip to Lake Tahoe? You will want to fly into the Reno-Tahoe International Airport, the second largest airport in the state. From here, you can choose to rent a car or connect to Lake Tahoe with one of the popular shuttle services. If you’re headed to Mesquite, fly to Las Vegas and hop in the rental car for an hour drive.

What to Know About Vacation Rentals in Nevada

Nevada might be home to a range of experiences, but one type of accommodations is still the best choice. In Lake Tahoe, choosing a cozy mountain cabin will be the best way to soak up the scenery. If you choose Las Vegas, a chic city condo will make you feel more like a local than a tourist. Beyond these benefits, there are also the extra space, kitchen, and laundry facilities.

A vacation rental will help you to maximize every minute of your vacation. Whether you’re looking for a place to put your feet up and relax after an adventurous day in Mesquite or a place to relax in your own soaking tub after a long night of partying in Las Vegas, vacation rentals will make your Nevada dreams come true.


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