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Things to Do in Bozeman

Bozeman Montana has several rivers like the Gallatin River and Missouri River for your fishing pleasure.
Montana is a vast state and as such offers plenty of things to do. The last thing you should be worrying about on your vacation is what to do or how to fit in all the time in which to do it.

Bozeman has several things to do that range from communing with nature at a well preserved state park or Yellowstone, to skiing Bridger Bowl, to chilling out with a  stroll through the Museum of the Rockies for a chance to learn up on Montana’s rich and storied past.

Checking into a Bozeman vacation rental is a great way to enjoy all of Bozeman’s attractions for a convenient home base. If you’re lucky, you’ll even discover there are things to do in your rental, from perusing the home library to enjoying a cup of hot tea on your private patio.

Don’t get too comfortable inside, however. Part of the uniqueness of Bozeman, Montana can only be found in nature.

River Rafting and Fishing

Gallatin River is the place to hit for river rats looking to get wet. Originating in Gallatin Lake it empties into the Missouri River, some 100 miles lates to the south. With white water rapids to rival those in Colorado, you and the family will be headed for one splashing thrill after another. Hint: check the weather forecast before heading out, especially during the off season. Fishing is also allowed in Gallatin River. When in Bozeman, do as the locals. Fly fishing is the preferred angling sport all over Montana. Of course since it's Montana, you have your pick of rivers. If you don’t quite trust your fly-fishing skills or don’t have all the required fishing gear, it might be a good idea to schedule a guided fishing excursion along Gallatin, Madison, Yellowstone or Missouri River. You’ll find plenty of fishing guides in Bozeman and Montana Angler Fly Fishing Day Trips and Campbell Fishing Trips are smart places to start for all your angling needs.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Bozeman is a ski destination town and Bridger Bowl Ski Area is where die-hards and amateurs alike head to give their snowboarding skills a spin. Claimed by some to be better than Big Sky, Bridger Bowl is a low-key ski resort where everyone will feel welcome no matter their skill set. Another place to ski that's worth checking out is Andesite Mountain located just south of the city. If skiing or snowboarding isn’t your favorite thing or you have an unfounded phobia of heights, then consider hopping into a snowmobile for a more relaxing way to experience the snowy terrain.

Bozeman Museums and More

The Museum of the Rockies highlights the history of the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Be sure to check out the planetariums and observatories for a first-hand look at what you can't see in an image on the Internet. Speaking of the World Wide Web, do a complete 360 and spend some time in the American Computer Museum where you can learn all there is to know about main frames, CPU's and anything else your geeky heart desires. A nice break for all that outdoors living you'll be enjoying during you vacation in Bozeman. And don't forget about the under-twelve set in your group. Bozeman's Children' Museum is a great place to take the kids; after all it's their vacation too.

Play at the State Park

If there’s one thing the entire state of Montana is known for it is its commitment to preserving the natural beauty of the area. The best part is it’s preserved for you, the traveler, to enjoy whenever you visit Bozeman. There are several state parks where you can hike, bike, bird-watch, take photos, or whatever strikes your fancy when you’re suddenly flung into nature. Madison Buffalo Jump State Park and Missouri Headwaters State Park should be on your itinerary. Or go big and visit the granddaddy of parks, Yellowstone National Park which has been a favorite for family trips for decades. Sleep soundly afterwards in your Bozeman vacation rental.

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