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Best Bozeman Restaurants

Enjoy eating seafood even when you're landlocked in one of Bozeman's restaurants.

The last thing you should be wondering on your precious vacation is where to eat in Bozeman. In case you thought there would be a dearth of restaurants in Montana, which might seem to some the end of the universe, you're sadly mistaken. Bozeman, Montana has several restaurants to satisfy even the pickiest palate. From contintental cuisine to New American to international fare you might not even get in your time, Bozeman has quietly been attracting top chefs who prefer the natural vibe of Montana and the chance to thrive in the locavore movement. Try to eat the local cuisines at least once while you're there to get a taste of real Bozeman flavor.

Community Food Co-op

If the words "community co-op" make you envision smug hippie-types with dread locks selling overpriced granola, then you need to visit Bozeman's Community Food Co-op which has been serves the area 364 days out of the year, according to their website. Find the organic produce you're looking for that will clearly give you an idea of what bounty Montana produces. Try fair trade coffee or find some fresh yerba mate or aloe juice from the Wellness Sections.

Montana Ale Works

Located in a railroad warehouse in Bozeman's downtown, Montana Ale Works is where the locals go to unwind with a pint after work. You'll find them here on weekends, too. This locally owned and established restaurant serves up big plates of food as well as several local brews from respected breweries like Bitter Root Brewing, Big Sky Brewing Blackfoot River Brewing. A perfect way to taste the terroir.

Ted's Montana Grill

Tourists will be surprised to know the "Ted" of Ted's Montana Grill is none of than media mogul Ted Turner who lent his moniker to this Montana mainstay. Luckily for diners Ted does restaurants as well as he does mergers if signature dishes like crab cakes, cedar plank salmon and meatloaf are any indication. Prices are affordable for the entire family to eat out.

Over the Tapas

While it might seem over the top to eat Spanish food in the middle of Bozeman Montana, Over the Tapas is about the least intimidating restaurant you can start with if this is your first tapas foray. Tapas are small dishes that are best shared with friends over drinks. With emphasis on taking your time, it's a great way to try several things at once – bite sized favorites like meatballs, lamb sliders and goat cheese croquettes, to name a few.

MacKenzie's River Pizza

Nothing says family night out like a night at your favorite pizza joint. MacKenzie's River Pizza is here to serve your big pie needs during your vacation in Bozeman. With several locations all over the state of Montana, this restaurant is a favorite to locals and tourists alike.


Its monosyllabic name may clue you in to the fact that this place is a bit swankier that other restaurants in Bozeman. This New American wine bar is the perfect place to bring that new date or your spouse of twenty years. Plonk is where you want to be seen on the Bozeman scene. Make reservations and stay late.

Weebee’s Cafe

While the name might sound funny, there's nothing funny about the burgers and salads and nightly fish specials. Finish off your meal with a bowl of gelato or a cup of espresso. Weebee's Cafe prides itself on only using the finest, freshest ingredients. Planning a small gathering? Ask the manager about areas that can be reserved for groups.

Naked Noodle

It's all in the name; the noodle's the thing. Naked noodle is the place to go when you have a penchant for pasta. Located on the Main Drag, you can find any noodle dish your heart desires, from your childhood fave mac and Cheese to your new comfort food favorite, the Goucho, a well loved dish with chicken, spinach and cheese. Pack up what you don't finish and take to to-go to your Bozeman vacation rental. A ready-made midnight snack!


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