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Watching football is just one of the things to do in Oklahoma.
Boomer! Sooner! Anyone with a passing interest in collegiate athletics has heard the cheer, and for opponents on either the football field or the hardwood it usually is not a good thing. The Oklahoma Sooners are a powerhouse in the two biggest money sports in college athletics, but the history of the name might be more interesting to tourist thinking about a vacation to Oklahoma. Oklahoma is nicknamed the Sooner State. It received that  name because of the settlers that rushed to try to settle the land . Sooners were land settlers who rushed in to Oklahoma to claim land before the Indian Appropriations Act of 1889. Boomers were white land owners that attempted to claim land that was reserved for Native Americans. Oklahomans were always seeking a way to skirt the rules in order to grab their own piece of the American dream.

Even though Oklahoma might not immediately come to mind when considering a vacation destination, there are many things to do in Oklahoma. The state is a natural wonder that features at least 10  distinct ecological regions. Oklahoma has four different mountain ranges within its borders. The Quachita Moutains, the Arbuckle Mountains, the Arbuckle Mountains and the Ozark Mountains all call Oklahoma home. The Ozarks and the Quachita ranges are the only significant mountainous regions between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians. Despite all of these mountainous regions the state is also a part of the Great Plains region. Settlers rushed to the region in order to farm the fertile soil. This geological diversity provides a nearly endless amount of opportunity for outdoor recreation. Whether seeking out long bicycle trails, hills to hike in or a rocks to climb all can be found within Oklahoma’s borders. The natural offerings are only some of the things to do in Oklahoma.

The diversity of the Oklahoma topography provides guests with plenty of entertainment, but the natural wonders are hardly the only Oklahoma attractions. For a true slice of American transportation history , the nation’s longest drivable stretch of Route 66 sits within Oklahoma’s borders. The state offers a free guide to the shopping and other Oklahoma attractions that can be found along the Mother Road. There are several different museums dedicated to the historic route, and there are still some of the original roadside diners and other attractions standing that served the first groups of tourists who drove through the state on their way to vacation spot.

Taking the ultimate road trip along Route 66 is one of the many things to do in Oklahoma, but for tourist s seeking to test their luck a stop to one of the many Indian casinos that dot the state. There are more than 70 casinos in the state including a branch of the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tulsa. For a more local flavor tourists can stop by the Choctaw Casino resort. Oklahoma attractions offer a variety of activities for all tastes. What are the things to do in Oklahoma? Whatever the guest wants, Oklahoma probably can offer, especially when you stay in an Oklahoma vacation rental.

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