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Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition

Rent a London flat and take in the Royal Academy Summer Art Exhibition to see contemporary art from around the world.
Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition
June 14 - August 22 2010
London, England

Art-lovers should head to the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition at the Burlington House in London, England. The Exhibition is the longest standing institution designed to promote visual arts and architecture. Since its founding by King George III in 1768, the RA had held annual exhibitions promoting art and architecture of international interest and of the highest quality. Attend the Summer Exhibition which attracts around 10,000 works which are carefully selected by the Academicians and President. All proceeds help to finance the apprenticeship of young artists. 

The Summer Exhibition takes place each July and August in Piccadilly. On exhibit are paintings, prints, drawing, sculptures, and architectural designs and models. With the falling dollar rate, you’ll get more for money if you rent a London vacation home or flat instead of paying exorbitant fees for a single hotel room. Choose an apartment or condo rental in London near Piccadilly Square, and cut down on the cost of transportation.