Peek Inside! What Your Luggage Says About You (Infographic)

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Different people take different things when they travel. We've all seen the hippie walking through the airport with just a guitar and a journal, or the businessperson who has perfected the science of compacting his clothes into a carry-on. But what does your luggage say about you? That you're a fun-loving risk-taking kind of traveler? A checklist tourist? Traveling with kids? We examine the spectrum of travelers by what they take along.

The Vagabond *Backpack*
You're adventurous. You make friendships with the locals. Will your one pair of jeans work for all dining locations? Who cares? Your mind is set on the thrill of the unknown!

The "I Mean Business" Man *Carry-On*
You're just as efficient as your perfectly packed bag. Your itinerary is set, and now all you have to do is sit back and relax.

The Every Woman *Suitcase + Carry-On*
You like options and being prepared for anything - call it a passion for perfection. If you need to make 10 wardrobe changes, you want to look effortlessly put together. So what if it's supposed to snow. You need flip-flops, just in case.

The Airport Aristocrat *Suitcase + Garment Bag + Carry-On*
You're sophisticated and debonair. If celebrities can walk around the airport like they own it, you can too. It's not your fault that your personal belongings require separate cases - that's why Prada made that collection anyway. Vacations are an opportunity to enjoy yourself in luxury, and you intend to do just that.

The Multitasking Mom *Duffle Bag + Two Suitcases + Carry-On + Stroller*
You're practical. You brought every favorite toy and your arsenal of cartoons on your iPad. You've packed for every emergency you could run into, and you're not fazed by the business travelers glaring at you in the security line.