The Hamburger Index [Infographic]

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The Hamburger Index

How the Homemade Burger on Vacation Stacks Up Against Room Service


Going on vacation can be expensive, especially when you factor in the cost of eating out every day. Renting a vacation home, instead of a hotel, allows you to cook at home and save money thanks to more amenities such as a gas stove and a full-size refrigerator.

Did you know...?

$1.7 Billion = Amount spent at restaurants each day

$325.45 = Average amount spent on food while on vacation

$27.67 = Average cost to feed a family of 4 a day

You can save around 14 dollars per person  when cooking a meal of hamburger and fries at your vacation rental instead of ordering from hotel room service.

Meal total for home cooked burgers:
$5.30 / person, $21.20 / family of four

Meal total for room service burgers:
$19.39 / person, $77.56 / family of four

Here's a comparison of some other items:

Get a 12 pack of sodas at the grocery store for the price of one at a hotel

Get a 6 pack of beer at the grocery store for the price of one at a hotel

Get a bottle of wine at the grocery store for the price of one glass at a hotel

Tips to Save Money when Cooking at your vacation home:

Eat like a local: Try regional and seasonal items sold at farmers markets or specialty stores, which are often cheaper and fresher than store-bought produce


Before you go out you can use sites such as Groupon or LivingSocial to find deals for local items

Other Benefits of Eating at Your Vacation Rental:

  • You know exactly what you're eating (no hidden fats, salt, or food allergies)


  • More time spent with just the family, as well as the opportunity to teach your children how to cook and develop healthy eating habits


  • Less stressful for the kids and parents alike, especially younger children who can eat at their own pace

When factoring in the cost of food, vacations can get expensive. Room service is convenient, but marked up prices, tipping, delivery fees and the dreaded hotel mini bar can all cause unecessary damage to your vacation budget. As such, a vacation home allows you the opportunity to take advantage of the many cost-saving amenities not available at at standard hotel.