Honolulu is Even Better in Real Life

Things To Do in Honolulu

If the current remake of the series Hawaii Five-O has got you thinking about visiting Hawaii, then pack those bags. In particular, you will want to visit the island of Oahu, where Honolulu vacation rentals are located.

TV and Movie Shooting Locations
One of the most popular shooting locations for the new Hawaii Five-O, as well as other TV shows and movies, has been the Hilton Hotel and Resort located in Honolulu. Both interior and exterior shots have been filmed here, but you never know when you may round a corner in Honolulu and see some actual filming going on.

If you do come upon a TV or movie shooting location, please stay back. Outside shooting is not cheap. Even when it's done only a short distance from a sound stage, each "take" costs money.

If you want to make sure you see some actual TV and movie scene locations, take advantage of the Circle Island Tours offered on Oahu. These tours take you to locations that are often used for shooting television shows and movies. Not only can you see places that have appeared in both versions of "Hawaii Five-O," but Elvis fans can see locations that appeared in his movie Blue Hawaii.

Other Attractions in Honolulu
Once you've see the TV and movie locations (and, if you're lucky, the hunky male actors or the beautiful female lead on the new Hawaii Five-O), you can start touring the other landmarks.

  • Aloha Tower - This is a historic landmark as well as an area that contains shopping and dining facilities. Peruse shops like AT Hula for hula dance costumes or Pipe Dreams Surf Company. Have some sushi at Makino Chaya or take in a spectacular view while you dine on Shanghai, Mandarin, and Szechwan Cuisines at Chin's Harbor View.

  • Diamond Head (Leah) - This is one of Hawaii's famous volcanoes which has also been featured in many TV and movie shots. You can see both Waikiki and Honolulu from the top, and what a sight it is!

  • Hanuman Bay Nature Preserve - Just outside of Honolulu, you can snorkel in this marine life conservation district and view underwater scenes that are being carefully maintained.

  • Iowan Palace - Once home to Hawaii's monarchs, Iowan Palace is now a museum. It still holds the distinction of being the only official state residence of royalty in the United States.

  • Queen Emma Summer Palace - As long as you are touring sites that have to do with royalty, make a stop at the Queen Emma Summer Palace. The last King Kamehameha (King Kamehameha IV) and his Queen Emma made their summer home here. A visit to this palace, which is now a museum, may be especially poignant, for it is here that King Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma welcomed their son, Prince Albert Edward. Their son only lived to the age of four, but you can still see artifacts from his life as well as from the King and Queen.

Honolulu, Hawaii is picturesque, to say the least, so you'll want to be sure and bring your camera along to capture these amazing attractions. Even if you just hang out near your Honolulu beach rental and spend time on the beach, you won't be disappointed.

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