Disney World Secrets [Infographic]

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Hidden Treasures in Disney World

Most people know the big attractions at Disney, but there are a host of surprises just waiting to be discovered! Here's a guide to some of our favorite secrets!

Surf's Up

Not many people know, but if you head into the Typhoon Lagoon Water Park before it opens, you can surf the waves for a few hours!
Tip: This adventure costs extra, so try to get in with a group for savings.
(Early Birds, Limited Times)

Rise and Shine

Show your kids something special by being the first one to reach Tinker Bell's Treasures in the morning, and you'll get to wake her from her slumber!
Tip: You can also play with Tink during the day! When you see her, just clap and say "Tinker Bell" and watch what happens.
(Early Birds, Interactive, Surprise)

Share in the Laughs

Did you know you can share your funny monster jokes at the Laugh Floor in Tomorrowland? Text your joke before the show using the secret code displayed outside the theater, and if you make the Monsters Inc. group giggle, they'll use it in the show!
(Early Birds, Interactive)

The Drinks are on Me

Worked up a thirst? Head over to the Cool Club at Epcot and sip on the exotic Coke products from all over the world. You won't believe the fun list of flavors - and it's totally free!
(All Day, Surprise)

Fun Freebies

Who doesn't love free stuff? Stop in at one of the Guest Relations counters on your birthday, anniversary or first visit and you can snag a free collectors pin!
(All Day, Surprise)

Share a Story

On the right side of Cinderella's Castle is a little-known grotto where you and the kids can listen to Belle tell the story of Beauty and the Beast!
(All Day, Interactive)

Nature Comes to Life

Keep your eyes peeled for the talking bushes along the path to Camp Mickey Minnie. Herb and Flora can be seen gossiping to each other and cracking jokes as people pass.
(All Day, Interactive, Surprise)

Break the Rules

The next time you're in line at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! search for signs that say "Warning, Do Not Pull" or "Do Not Open" - then let your inner rebel loose and give it a try! In true Indy spirit, sometimes it's good to be bad!
(All Day, Interactive, Surprise)

Light the Path

Take a nighttime stroll through Epcot's Innoventions Plaza and watch the floor light up beneath your feet! Thanks to cool fiber optic sidewalks, you can see all kinds of futuristic shapes and patterns illuminate the ground.
(Night Owls, Interactive)

The Kiss Goodnight

Every night, Disney offers you a fond farewell - hum along to "When You Wish Upon a Star" as Cinderella's Castle glitters in the background and the Disney Park signs off for the evening. A truly wonderful way to wrap up your day at Disney World.
(Night Owls, Limited Times)