San Francisco Farmers Market

A taste of San Francisco


(Financial District, San Francisco California)

San Francisco, California is a pretty nice city. Diverse cultures, good food, good shopping, and a whole host of other interesting things to view and experience. I had the extreme fortune to spend a Saturday morning in the city and I had the extreme good judgement to follow the advice of getting to the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market for breakfast. The Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market operates three days per week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with Saturday being the "biggest" day. It is a California certified farmer's market, bringing local and organic produce and artisanal foods to the city. 


Some fresh-off-the farm oranges, melons and other fruits are in abundance. I grabbed a few of these and headed down to another stall


where instead of a bagel, I purchased a 1/2 baguette loaded with salmon, capers, onions and citrus (third from the left in the photo). Finding a cuppa was not a problem and I proceed to break my nighttime fast on the pier, watching the Bay. Afterwards, I walked around the Ferry Building, seeing what I could see. There were lots of food stuffs, crafts and retail options, along with a large variety of performers and artists.




One of those things is not like the other. I did not recognize the Fiddlehead Ferns and wasn't sure if they were a fungus like the other two. Nope, they are actual ferns that turn out to be good eats. The vendor let me pop a few; I think they'd be quite yummy sautéed with some onion and red pepper flakes.


I liked the colors and the circles presented by the carrots.


These dungeness crab looked mighty tasty, but I didn't have any place to cook them up on this trip. Next time.


These pretty boats were docked a few piers down wharf from the Ferry Building. I just could not resist ending the outing by making this photograph.


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