A Grand Tour of Europe and Morocco

A month abroad with a friend

Eat, Play, Travel!

by Lena Kwan

Eating exotic foods, hanging with friends, and traveling would definitely be on my profile under the “Interest” section if I were ever looking to online date. In fact, "Eat, Play, Travel" is my suggestion to the sequel to the Julie Roberts movie Eat, Pray, Love. Here's how I lived this sequel.

Riding a camel in Morocco

A Month Abroad


I recently took a month-long vacation with a close friend from college. Thankfully, we share and enjoy the same top three interests since our college studying days. We have been on many trips together during college and after and still remain good friends even though we live in separate cities in Texas. 

We both agree that we are very complementary to each other when we travel. One of us likes to study the maps and calculate our budget, while the other plans and books all of the lodging, food, and activities for each new place we visit.

Together, we are the perfect “travel team.”  Some of our mutual friends have told us that we should try out for one of those racing travel-the-world reality shows, like Amazing Race, because we would have a good chance of winning with our teamwork and expertise in getting around new places. But before we start going down the path of becoming reality TV stars, both of us still want to conquer our shared life goal of traveling to every continent in the world (including Antarctica)! 

So this year, we decided that our big trip would have to include at least two continents - Europe and Africa.

Eiffel Tower twins


Greece sea

In three weeks, we successfully traveled to five different cities and spent about $100 below our budget. We visited London, Paris, Rome, Mykonos, and Marrakech with every intention to fully submerge ourselves in the local culture with their food, hospitality and marketplaces. I won’t go into too much detail of our trip, (you’ll have to wait for that movie to come out!) but I will say that we karaoked  in an English pub all night to early in the morning till we lost our voices, ate fresh cheese on a baguette from a French farmer’s market, sat in front of the Trevi fountain eating amazing new flavors of gelato, snorkeled in the sea off the islands of Greece, and rode camels in the Moroccan mountains.

French market


Morocco pots


Trevi fountain

Gelato in Rome

With the amount of things we saw and food we ate, being below budget was great surprise on top of the best trip we’ve ever been on so far!  

We both cannot wait to start planning the next trip and add adding more continents to our list!

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