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Beautiful Bali

I was born in Indonesia, I am Indonesian and I love traveling.



The East coast of Bali is my favorite place to enjoy my vacation. Why? I always have a good time, relaxing on the beaches, diving, snorkeling and talking to the locals. Not only that I also enjoy the sleepy local island pace.


Only two hours north east of the crowds and traffic of South Bali. The journey to this area is an experience in itself. Sideman road is a wash of green rice paddies and photo worthy vistas that always make me regularly pull over.


When I go to eat coast I have always visit Candidasa for 1 night, stay at one of the holiday homes by the beach and dine at local restaurants or have one of the staff cook for me, I even cook on my own sometimes. All of the Balinese staff are very friendly. We can spend all night talking and laugh about many things.


virgin beach.jpg


The next day I regularly visit Amed for diving in Tulamben and stay 1 night, on the way I always like to visit the white sandy Virgin Beach. I always spend half of my day there, have a sunbake, snorkeling, playing with my dog and having lunch there.  Many kinds of local restaurants you can choose from on the beach and all local owners are very friendly. One thing that I notice is….they always remembers my name.  




The coastline of Amed is a stretch of bays with volcanic rock shorelines and the occasional black sand beach. Each bay has its own feel and many have a range of accommodation with restaurant.  Expect to see village life of chickens, pigs and fisherman’s huts often on prime beachside land. Many bays are lined with fishing boats as well. 


On the east coast, Food can be very cheap with IDR 15,000 ($1.5) I can get Nasi Campur (Balinese rice blend with mix of vegetables and a bit of meat) at West Pantai. Average meals are IDR 35,000 – 60,000 ($3.5 – $6).

How to get there?


From Seminyak, rent a motorbike ranging from IDR 40,000 – 50,000)/day will cost you $2 in petrol, rent a car without driver IDR 175,000 ($18)/day with driver IDR 500,000 ($50)/day but depending on the route you want to take and which area you want to visit.


Accommodation of resort and villa is very easy to get for a beachfront or ocean view.  In Peak season like July/August/December/January prices can be double.  Most of the dive operators in Amed offer accommodation which may be discounted if diving. 



Amed wall and many of the coves will offer a great variety of corals and sea life from pygmy seahorses and frog fish to barracuda and tuna. There is a small Japanese shiprweck that can be dived or snorkelled and for a larger wreck experience the renowned American battle ship wreck at Tulamben is just 20 minutes around the corner.


stop by keramasbeach for sunset.jpg

Stop by keramasbeach for sunset

Exploring further a field you’re often startled when you come across another tourist.

  • ride the quiet coast road to Amlapurra
  • drive up into the hills behind Amed
  • take a trekking trip to Gunung Agung and maybe see out to Rinjanni on Lombok at sunset
  • visit the temple of Lempuyang and climb the 1700 steps to the top
  • visit the water palace of Tirta Ganga




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