Alaskan Fjords

Fjord is a long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created in a valley carved by glacial activity (this is formal official definition). Fjord is a extremely cool and beautiful thing (this is my definition).


I have heard about the Norwegian fjords long time ago, and they are present in my "must visit" list. However, I never knew that similar beauty also lives in Alaska, attracting tourists from all over the world ( well, and me too :-) ).


To enjoy fjords in Alaska you have to a) have your own ship or b) participate the excursion for tourist. Both options are not very cheap, but that is worth to try! I didn't have a ship (even a boat :-) ), so went with the option b) and chose the longest 9-hours tour, started from the Seward.


First of all fjords attract people because of incredible beauty. It is very cool to swim between rocky islands, which "grow" right out of the water. You can watch them all day and not get bored.


Another cool thing is glaciers. They do not look like dead ice monuments, they are very alive and agile. Swimming close enough to the glacier you can hear (or, if you are lucky, even see) how it lives - glacier occasionally roars and (a bit less often) lazily moves falling apart. It is an unforgettable experience to see it!

fjords alaska

Also fjords is the home for big amount of interesting animals. We saw a variety of birds, "meetings" of sea lions, orcas games, and of course "dessert" - the big gray whales. It is interesting to see how they "play" in the water. We were lucky - the weather was overcast, and whales often appeared on the surface (they are not so active on sunny days).

fjords in alaska

9 hours of excursion ran away very quickly. All the time I spent on the deck and always it was something interesting to see. It would be great to visit this place again. At least once.


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