Crayola Factory Tours

There’s nothing like the waxy smell of a fresh box of crayons to transport you back to childhood. Remember trying your hardest to stay between the lines? Or how your favorite color would wear down the quickest? What about the way only a Crayola crayon could A fun family vacation idea is to take the kids to the Crayola Factory tour.make time fly while the grown ups gabbed over dinner? And who can forget those exotic names, like burnt sienna and cerulean? 

Visiting the Crayola Visitors Center in Easton Pennsylvania is a fun, easy day trip for vacationers staying in or around the Poconos Mountains. Learn how crayons are made, the history of Crayola, and other information about past and future products.

Crayola crayons have come a long way from the original eight-pack. Did you know there are glittered crayons, scented crayons and crayons that glow in the dark? Though much has changed, crayons are still made in the exact same way as the first box in 1903. Watch while your own special souvenir pack of crayons is manufactured and packaged – right in front of your eyes!

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Find out interesting facts about crayons you may not already know. For example: the word Crayola comes from the French words for “chalk” and “oily.” Another interesting bit of trivia: Crayola was responsible for making barns red and tires black. And did you know crayons are non-toxic? You can eat thousands of crayons a day and suffer no ill effects (except maybe some queasiness).

While the Crayola Factory isn’t the true manufacturing plant, it is an interactive center made up of several “fun stations” where kids and adults can let their creativity run wild. At one station, kids can live out their lifelong dream to color on the walls with abandon (Adults can get in on the fun, too).  Stop by another station and paint with melted crayon wax.

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