Best Wintergreen Hiking Trails

Virginia is known for its stunning scenery all throughout the year. When you hit the Wintergreen hiking trails, you can expect to see colorful wildflowers in the spring and vibrant foliage in the fall. Whether you're interested in wildlife, bird watching, or photography, you will find many points of interest along Virginia's hiking trails. Wintergreen is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, one of the most scenic areas of the whole state. Keep reading to discover some of best Wintergreen hiking trails for your upcoming trip.

1. Crabtree Falls Trail

activities_hiking_couple.jpgWhen you book a vacation rental at the Wintergreen Resort, many Virginia hiking trails will be right on your doorstep. The Crabtree Falls Trail is known for its stunning waterfalls, with the highest clocking in at 1200 feet.

2. White Rock Falls Trail

Another option for a hiking trail that offers beautiful waterfalls is the White Rock Falls trail. There are two different routes to reach the falls. If you're looking for an easy route, choose the simple 1-mile path. For a more challenging hike, opt for the 2.5 mile loop to see the cascading water.

3. Sherando Lake Hiking Trails

The trails surrounding Wintergreen often have options for different levels of difficulty. This is true of the Sherando Lake hiking trails, where trails range from easy to difficult. If you're looking for a challenging trail, check out the Cliff Trail or the White Rock Gap Trail.

4. Spy Rock

Some hikers want to be rewarded by 360 degree views. This is exactly what you'll find from Spy Rock. A moderate hike, guided by signs, will lead you to Spy Rock where you will gain a new perspective on the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. St. Mary's Wilderness Trail

Interested in combining some swimming with your hiking? One of the best places to cool off during a summer hike is along St. Mary's Wilderness Trail. Here there are large pools, stretching down at least 10 feet, at the base of waterfalls that are perfect for a refreshing dip in the middle of a hike.

6. Humpback Rock Trail

If your idea of a great hike is one that includes scrambling over rocks and incredible views, check out the Humpback Rock trail. There are 360 degree views once you reach the top, and the best part is the hike down will be much easier on the legs than the hike up.

7. Ivy Creek

Travelers that are trying to avoid the heat should check out the hiking trails along Ivy Creek. Here you will find thick forests, cool natural springs, and plenty of streams to splash in. These trails are ideal for a family hike; be sure to pack along a picnic.

8. Shenandoah National Park

Some of the best known trails in Virginia are in the Shenandoah National Park. This park has over 500 miles of trails to offer, so you are going to need to do some research in advance to find a trail that matches your personal preferences. Alternatively, you can take a scenic drive along Skyline Drive to soak up even more of the local scenery.

9. Ragged Mountain

Virginia is home to some well-known trails, and others that never see the crowds. Setting out on the trails along Ragged Mountain, you will have the opportunity to enjoy forest views and trails along lakes without seeing too many other hikers.

10. The Limberlost Trail

Are you testing the waters for hiking? If so, a gentle trail will be the best place to start. The Limberlost trail is known as one of the best Wintergreen hiking trails, extending for just over a mile and exposing hikers to some unusual flora and fauna along the way.

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