Smith Mountain Lake Underwater Town


You can't do much research about Smith Mountain Lake without hearing about the underwater town. Yet many articles mention it only briefly, not choosing to explain its full history. First of all, this is not a rumor. There is indeed a Smith Mountain Lake underwater town. This piece of intriguing information has attracted many travelers during the summer season who want to investigate this curious fact as well as indulge in the area's excellent fishing. Keep reading to find out more details about the Smith Mountain Lake underwater town.

smith mountain lake underwater townThe Creation of Smith Mountain Lake

The first thing to know is that Smith Mountain Lake is a man-made lake. It is hard to believe that this 41 mile long lake, with over 500 miles of coastline, could be man-made, but that is the truth. It was created by flooding the area between the Roanoke and Blackwater Rivers - an area that was once fully inhabited. The result of flooding this area is a town that is now completely underwater. Where many visitors go fishing for striped bass, there are trees, houses, and yards all submerged under many feet of water. Many fishermen aren't aware of this fact as they arrive for fishing competitions or a vacation to try and catch a large striped bass.

The Underwater Town Today

The Smith Mountain Lake underwater town has created fantastic conditions for fishing for striped bass . While many travelers know that Smith Mountain Lake offers great striped bass fishing, they often don't know why. One of the reasons is that this underwater town creates many hiding places that the striped bass are fond of. The fact that this underwater town exists sometimes results in strange catches though. Instead of a large striped bass, you might wind up pulling up something from the underwater town, such as an old jacket from one of the former inhabitants. While this occurs less and less over the years, it does still happen, especially after a storm.

Exploring the Underwater World

Upon hearing the story of the Smith Mountain Lake underwater town, some adventurous visitors might be tempted to go scuba diving . Yet this activity hasn't caught on in Smith Mountain Lake, and the most popular activity is still fishing. Some locals say that they wouldn't go scuba diving to check out the underwater town, although in articles on the topic many don't give reasons why not. The underwater town has been buried for over 40 years, and perhaps the locals think that's where this former neighborhood should belong.

Local Accommodations

If you're intrigued by this story, or by the manmade lake where a record 78-pound striped bass has been caught, you might want to plan a trip to Smith Mountain Lake. The best accommodations here are Smith Mountain Lake vacation rentals, where you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the lake as well as a serene environment. Skip cramped hotels in favor of your own space including a private kitchen, living room, and sometimes even laundry facilities and outdoor space. There are rentals here to suit a variety of budgets and group sizes, whether you're looking for a charming rental for a couple or a big, luxurious rental for multiple families.

Lake Rentals in Smith Mountain Lake

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