10 Best Tybee Island Restaurants

Do you have a trip to Tybee Island planned? If so, you're probably taking your planning to the next step and investigating where to eat and what to do. Every local and frequent visitor will have their own opinion on the 10 best Tybee Island restaurants, but a few names are among the most popular dining choices. While there are restaurants here to satisfy any craving, keep in mind that the local specialty is seafood.

1. Crab Shack

When there's a list of the 10 best Tybee Island restaurants, Crab Shack is always on it. This restaurant is more of a seafood destination, and offers an incredible sampler platter where you can taste all of the local delicacies. Outdoor dining and a relaxed atmosphere are appropriate for families and keep customers coming back year after year.

2. George's on Tybee

Undoubtedly one of the top Tybee Island restaurants is George's on Tybee. This elegant restaurant features unique twists on old favorites and attracts customers for its inventive dishes and romantic atmosphere.

3. AJ's Dockside

If you're looking for a place to indulge in seafood in the middle of a beach day, AJ's Dockside will be the perfect choice. Beyond seafood, also be sure to try the local Georgia specialty Sweet Tea.

4. Cousin Vinnie's Pizza

One place locals always recommend is Cousin Vinnie's Pizza. Sometimes after a day on the beach, all you want is a satisfying slice of pizza while relaxing in your vacation rental. Cousin Vinnie's Pizza is the place to go for this type of craving.

5. The Hunter House

One of the 10 best Tybee Island restaurants is the elegant Hunter House. This restaurant is located in a historic beach house and specializes in sophisticated food with a southern flair. If you're looking for a special night on the town, the Hunter House should be at the top of your list.

6. Macellwees Seafood House

You can't go wrong with a family-friendly seafood joint like Macellwees Seafood House. This spot is often considered one of the top Tybee Island restaurants for beer battered fish and oysters. A combination of the food and views of the Atlantic keeps customers coming back for more.

7. Sting Ray's

Sometimes simple is best. If this is your food philosophy, you will love the unfussy food on offer at Sting Ray's. Here the specialty is seafood done right, and everything is served up for reasonable prices.

8. The Sundae Cafe and Deli

Some customers might wonder how such a casually-named cafe could be so good, but it takes only one taste to throw all preconceptions out the window. From scallops to surf and turf, everything on this menu is delicious. The word has gotten out recently, so be sure to make a reservation ahead of time for this top restaurant.

9. Windrose Cafe

If you need a break from seafood, you will love the sandwiches, chicken wings, and burgers on offer at Windrose Cafe. You can also order seafood here, but with all the places that specialize in seafood on Tybee Island, this cafe© offers a nice break from shrimp and catch of the day.

10. The Quarter

Sometimes, you just want a simple sports bar. If you're looking for a place to watch some football and eat some delicious chicken wings, this is it. There are many other fancy places on the island, but this one attracts both locals and visitors alike for its burgers, snacks, and friendly service.

When it comes to the daily catch, you can't go wrong in Tybee vacation rentals! The above options are 10 of the top Tybee Island restaurants, in no particular order.

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