Miami Broward Carnival 2014

There are some celebrations that are worth traveling for including Mardi Gras, New Year's in New York City, and Halloween in Las Vegas. While Carnival might be best known for its celebrations abroad, the festivities right here in the U.S. are getting better with every passing year. The biggest and best Carnival celebration in North America is held in Miami. This sizzling city is known for its music, nightlife, and atmosphere. All of this extends to one of the best parties of the year: Miami Carnival. If you're looking for an event that will allow you to cut loose, these Florida festivities are sure to get your blood pumping.

The 2014 Celebration

miami-carnival-flikr.jpgSince 1984, the Miami Carnival has steadily grown from a small neighborhood festival to a major international event. The 2014 celebration is taking place on October 12 and will feature a long list of entertainment including live bands, dance performances, outrageous costumes, and nightlife. Some travelers might be wondering about the timing of the Miami Carnival. Many traditional Carnival celebrations take place in February, but according to the website for Miami Carnival, these festivities mark the beginning of the Carnival season, and the Miami Carnival marks the end.


*Image from Bob B. Brown

Center of the Action

While festivities for the Miami Carnival are spread over several days, the main action takes place on October 13. On this day the festivities are brought to Sun Life Stadium, where 20 masquerade bands show off their best costumes and a concert featuring live Caribbean acts will take the stage. As Carnival has developed over the years, another side of this celebration has evolved - one that involves kids. If you want to bring your kids along for the festivities, check out daytime events like this one at SunLife Stadium. Carnival can be about the costumes and music, not the nightlife, if you're traveling as a family.


The Miami Carnival also provides a good reason for leaving the kids at home. If you've been wanting to plan a romantic, fun getaway, there's no better excuse than the Miami Carnival. Beyond the costumes, music, and dance performances, South Beach also rolls out special parties at nightclubs, lounges, and beach bars. In past years some of the largest names in music have taken to the stage for live performances during Miami Carnival. Musical guests are often a surprise, so you never know who might take the stage during a night at the club in Miami. Trends in nightlife change by the week, never mind the month in Miami, so before your trip, be sure to consult local newspapers and blogs to find the best up-to-date information on where to party during Carnival.


If you're planning a trip to the best Carnival celebration in North America, odds are you are going to want some stellar accommodations. Skip hotels in favor of luxurious Miami vacation rentals, right in Miami Beach. Whether you choose an oceanfront villa or a chic high-rise condo, you will have the best of Miami at your fingertips. After a few days celebrating Carnival, you might be eager for a few more days of relaxation. The extra space and convenience of a vacation rental will set the stage for a perfect, relaxing vacation in one of Florida's most glamorous destinations. Between the festival and the vacation rental, you might be tempted to make a trip to the Miami Carnival an annual one.

Remember, there are many other fun local events in Miami, including the Miami Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

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