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Located 61 miles south of Denver, Colorado Springs is nestled next to Pikes Peak at the south eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains. This cosmopolitan city has a population second only to Denver in Colorado, but it balances big city attractions and amenities with the stunning natural beauty that surrounds it. There is much to see and do around Colorado Springs vacation rentals, any number of which would make a perfect outing.

Natural Beauty - Outdoor Colorado Springs

The area around Colorado Springs is stunningly beautiful and can be enjoyed from myriad parks and trails. Amazing geological formations dot the local landscape such as Seven Falls, the Cave of the Winds, with rock formations that date back 500 million years, and the Garden of the Gods park, where massive red sandstone monoliths stand at attention. 

  • Pikes Peak is one of the most famous landmarks in all of Colorado Springs. Soaring 14,110 feet off the mountain, the peak is above Colorado Springs by about 7,000 feet, making it impossible to miss. The peak is accessible by car or train ride, or you can hike to the top. The views from the top are not to be missed.
  • The Manitou Cliff Dwellings near Manitou Springs rentals is another stop on the must-see list. The Anasazis, who lived in the area over 700 years ago, built complex structures and dwellings which tell the story of this ancient American Indian culture.

Cultural Attractions

  • Museums - Colorado Springs is home to a variety of interesting museums such as the Peterson Air and Space Museum and the Old Colorado City Historic Museum, which has preserved the history of Colorado City. You'll also enjoy the McAllister House Museum that is housed in an English-style cottage built in 1783, which preserves the pioneer heritage of the area. There are many other museums for every interest worth visiting, from the figure skating museum to the money museum.
  • The Fine Arts Center of Colorado Springs - The Fine Arts Center hosts many art and cultural events from art showcases, theatrical performances, concerts and many other cultural events. This world-class center is also home to a stunning art museum.
  • Cheyenne Mountain Zoo - Located on Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado Springs, this zoo is home to more than 550 animals on 146 acres of land. This world-class zoo is recognized for being a leader in animal care, captive breeding and conservation. Not only will you see spectacular animals while visiting, but there's a miniature train, tram and carousel to entertain the kids.
  • United States Olympic Training Center - The Olympic Visitor Center is located within the training center in Colorado Springs and includes traveling art exhibitions, Olympic memorabilia exhibitions, a restaurant, the U.S. Olympic store, and most importantly, the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame Rotunda. The rooftop terrace is home to a display of the Olympic flame and the surrounding sculpture gardens show off stunning bronze structures and the Olympic Ring Wall.

Colorado Springs showcases the best of city life and natural beauty. Any vacation here on the Colorado Front Range will seem too short because there are so many things to do both in and outside the city. Whether you enjoy the outdoors activities or city attractions, a Colorado Springs vacation home is the perfect place to stay while exploring this fantastic area.

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