Best Copper Mountain Nightlife

Five Fun Places for Après Ski (or Après anything!)

copper mountain happy hourAfter a long day of hitting the ski slopes on Copper Mountain or enjoying the great outdoors, all you want to do is kick back and relax. The nightlife in Copper Mountain has just the right selection of restaurants and bars to help you unwind after a long active day. However, with over 30 different bars and restaurants to choose from, it can be hard to find the right one to spend your evening at for dining and drinking.

To help you make that decision, check out these top spots near Copper Mountain condo rentals, where you can experience a nightlife that will offer you a wide selection of food, entertainment and drinks to choose from so you can find the right place to sit back and unwind after skiing or snowboarding all day.

1. J.J. Rocky Mountain Tavern

You better bring your dancing shoes if you plan on stopping at J.J. Rocky Mountain Tavern. Visitors to this tavern have been known to hop up on the tables, jump on top of the bars, or hit the dance floor and spend the night moving and grooving away to the music that is provided by local bands. If dancing isn’t your thing, then there are drink specials and great bar food that will keep you entertained, while you watch the other patrons dance the night away.

2. Jack’s Slopeside

Show off your singing talent when you stop at Jack’s Slopeside. There are regular sing-a-longs and karaoke contests held nightly at this local nightlife hotspot. When there isn’t singing and swaying going on, you’ll be able to hit the dance floor and groove to the music provided by the live entertainment that occasionally stops by Jack’s Slopeside. 

3. Pravada

Be able to enjoy some of Russia’s best vodka without having to leave the comfort of the Copper Mountain resort. Pravada is a Russian themed vodka lounge. A menu of over 30 different vodkas allows you to find a drink to suit your needs. To add to the Russian theme, DJ’s play loud European inspired techno music that you can move and groove to on the dance floor after enjoying your Russian inspired beverage.

4. Jill’s Umbrella Bar

Play to your sultry, Spanish side by stopping in at Jill’s Umbrella Bar. There’s regular Salsa music playing and hundreds of people dancing the night away. If you don’t know how to Salsa dance, there are weekly dance lessons so you can join in on the fun later on in the week. Jill’s Umbrella Bar is also known for its great mojitos and margaritas that rival any bar or restaurant in Copper Mountain.

5. Endo’s Adrenaline Café

If you’re looking for a relaxed sports bar where you can kick back and catch up on the latest sports news after a long day skiing, than Endo’s Adrenaline Café is the place for you. There are dozens of large screened TVs around this sports themed establishment that allow you to catch the latest sports game while you wine and dine. Popular menu items include the burger and fries, the extra-large nachos, and dozens of drink specials served daily.

After all the dancing, singing, drinking and eating at these great bars and restaurants in Copper Mountain resort, your vacation rental is just the place to help you further unwind. The cozy, private atmosphere that come from the Copper Mountain vacation rentals will allow you to rest in the peace and quiet of the mountainous region and prepare for your next big day on the slopes.


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