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Skiing & Snowboarding
  Breckenridge is known for being a ski resort town that offers professionals and beginners that opportunity to ski some of the whitest and purest snow in the Rockies. Ride all the way up to 11,059 ft. while sitting on the Colorado Super Chair and gaze in amazement at the picturesque views of the Continental Divide. The dazzling Rocky Mountain scenery and the Colorado sunshine make a great combination for a good day of skiing or snowboarding.

The Breckenridge Ski Resort provides a vast network of trails to ski with varying levels of difficulty, all with convenient lift access. Breckenridge Ski Resort has been ranked as one of the Top 10 in North America. With its 2,358 miles of terrain it is a skiing and snowboarding utopia. This is a playground for professional snowboarders that know how rewarding the terrain here can be to satisfy their snowboarding jones. With four professionally designed parks that are loaded with huge kickers, three world-class half pipes, and jibbing features, it’s the best place to practice tricks and pull off awesome stunts. On any given day you will see pro athletes strapping skis and snowboards to their feet to perform in many of the freestyle events that Breckenridge puts on. Nowhere else in the country will you find such a tremendous amount of snowboarding and skiing activity. Ski-in ski-out Breckenridge vacation rentals make it easy to enjoy the snow.

Don’t miss out on the chance to take the family on the Breckenridge Super Slide Alpine, which is going to be a thrill for everyone. The Super slide at Breckenridge is built as a giant slalom course, including dips and steep turns that are most appropriate for an experienced slider. There is also a slalom track where novices practice their sledding skills. Get an absolute adrenaline rush from sliding down the powder on a sled that will have you laughing all the way. It’s big fun!

Golf  The Breckenridge Golf Club is situated in the Upper Blue Mountain Valley, where the main clubhouse stands at an elevation of 9,324 ft. Great news for all of us duffers – being this high up in elevation allows the golf ball to fly farther and straighter than at lower elevations because the air here is thinner and causes less resistance.

Breckenridge is the only municipality on the planet that can boast three championship nines – Elk, the Beaver and the Bear – designed by the one and only Jack Nicklaus. The courses have four sets of tees, so you can choose the course length that matches your game. Rates depend on the course you choose for your 18-holes, with some more expensive than others, but the fees typically include the cart. The views are breathtaking, with scenic panoramas of the snowcapped Colorado Rockies seen from every hole. With the dense wooded areas nearby, it’s not unusual to see wildlife like deer, elk, beavers, moose, bears, red foxes and red tail hawks while you golf. When you golf here you will quickly realize that Breckenridge offers you more than just another day on the course.

Hiking & Backpacking  The fantastic views are not limited to those that ski or golf.  Breckenridge and Summit County offer an amazing variety of scenic views and beautiful landscapes to be enjoyed by anyone.  There are many magnificent hiking and backpacking trails here to be discovered, with a variety to fit anyone’s taste and ability. There is the Watson Trailhead, Riverwalk Trailhead, Snowflake Trailhead, Illinois Creek Trailhead, Carter Park Trailhead, Iowa Trailhead and the Valley Brook Trailhead. Be sure to bring plenty of water for your hike as well as sunscreen. Again, due to the sudden changes in the weather, be sure to dress in layers. Good hiking socks are essential, and bring an extra pair just in case. Be courteous to other hikers on the trail, and remember that if you are biking the trail you must yield to the hikers. Always stay on the trail, because straying from the paths can damage or destroy sensitive areas. Respecting the beauty of the Breckenridge trails keeps them open and in good condition for others to enjoy in the future.

Whitewater Rafting has always been a huge part of Breckenridge. Every year eager rafters and kayakers come to Colorado’s rivers anxious to ride the rapids. Rafting is an experience that will create lasting memories for anyone. There are several destinations to choose from for a rafting adventure, and the many outfitters can accommodate all levels and types of whitewater rafting. Some of the more popular destinations near Breckenridge include:

  • Browns Canyon  This is a great place to begin your trip because it offers spectacular mountain views and is good for beginners.
  • Numbers  This is technically a stretch of the Arkansas River. Here you will find continuous rapids, so these waters are recommended for more experienced rafters that may be looking for more of a challenging adventure.
  • Blue River   This stretch will lead you through the Eagles Nest Wilderness Area, where picturesque mountain views surround you the entire time. It’s a great trip for people of all skill levels.


Breck 150 / Kingdom Days - Every month in Breckenridge you can expect to see spectacular events and competitions galore. This year there are even more than usual, as Breckenridge is celebrating its heritage with new history-focused events. The Breck 150 celebrates the anniversary of the founding of Breckenridge 150 years ago.

Another upcoming event commemorating the anniversary that is not to be missed is Kingdom Days. For an entire weekend, Breckenridge comes together and throws one of the best bashes you could ever imagine. They celebrate Breckenridge’s rich 150-year history of mining, exploration and adventurous spirit. The event’s name itself is derived from Breckenridge’s history.  When it was founded in 1859 Breck was unintentionally excluded from U.S. maps, resulting in a new nickname – “Colorado’s Kingdom” – that stuck until 1936 when Breck was finally incorporated. During Kingdom Days, the streets are lined with eager spectators watching teams compete in the Outhouse Races, an event that is getting more popular every year. Prizes for the races are a chance for a seat on the Gold Throne, Silver Moon or the Bronze Bucket. The town goes crazy during this annual even, and it’s wildly entertaining.

Other great Breckenridge events include :

Ullr Festival  This festival is an annual wacky winterfest unlike any other. During the Ullr Fest in Breckenridge don’t be a bit surprised if you witness skiers and snowboarders sporting horned Viking hats, over 12,000 Ullr enthusiasts crowding the streets for the Ullr parade, and crazy parade float participants that are skiing and doing tricks off jumps down Main Street. There is also the flinging frying pan competition and people gliding down the street in a hot tub. Inhibitions?  No.  If it sounds crazy enough, they probably do it here at the Ullr festival.

International Snow Sculpting Competition  Every year competitors from all over the world come to Breckenridge to create magnificent works of art from 20-ton blocks of snow and ice. In no more than 65 hours these blocks are transformed from colossal snow canvases into three-dimensional masterpieces. Artists use their bare hands, approved tools and creative imaginations to bring their creations to life. After the competition observers are allowed to view the finished works of art in a special exhibit.

24th Annual Genuine Jazz & Wine Festival  This intimate festival combines both free outdoor daytime concerts and ticketed indoor shows. Visitors travel from all across the globe to taste some of the world’s greatest wines and listen to some great, internationally renowned musical talent with styles ranging from smooth jazz to Latin orchestras.

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