Why Choose Wine Country Vacation Rentals?

At Home in California Wine Country

Experience California wine country in a vacation villa or house rental to truly enjoy the region like a local.
Experiencing the vineyards in California Wine Country is a must for any epicurean traveler’s bucket list. Whether you’re seeking the sophistication of Napa Valley or prefer Sonoma County’s laid back vibe, you’ll find that a trip here is better spent in a vacation rental.

Why spend money on a single hotel room when you and your group can spread out comfortably over a vacation cottage rental or Wine Country villa? Discover the space and privacy a vacation rental, and a way to truly soak up the flavors of the area.

Eat, Drink and Be Merry

Part of experiencing California Wine Country is getting to sample the local cuisine. Rich crops grow in this area where they not only take their wine seriously, but also their fresh produce, sweet dates, globe artichokes, fresh cheeses and more. Shopping at the local farmers market and cooking it in your Napa Valley house rental’s custom kitchen is a great way to save a few bucks from the trendy restaurants, and really blend in with the locals. Sometimes, there’s only one way to truly experience a region: by diving in first and asking questions later.

Location, Location, Location

Many Sonoma and Napa vacation rentals are within driving distance of the local vineyards. Wineries cater to all types; do some research before your trip so you can be sure if and when they’re open and other logistics, like if you enjoy the type of wine they make. Renting a car during your stay may be an easy way to go. In your own car you can hit up a few wineries a day, then retire at night to your Sonoma cottage rental in time to whip up a mouth-watering and all-organic dinner.

Comforts of HomePair a Napa Valley wine with a home cooked meal in your Wine Country vacation rental's kitchen.

Chances are, if you’re planning a vacation that’s centered around wine, you enjoy the finer things in life, good food, good music, and luxurious surroundings. Vacation condos and villa rentals in the Wine Country offer the comforts you’re used to at home, like updated décor and furnishings, high quality bedding and state-of-the-art amenities. Use the extra space for relaxing or storing your stuff – a far cry from digging out of your suitcase for a week.

Affordable Luxury

Let’s face it: having your own swimming pool or hot tub to lounge in with a glass of your favorite vino beats sharing a communal pool with out-of-towners and their children. This time, treat yourself to a real vacation in a villa. Feel free to unpack your stuff and stay awhile – you’re going to have to put all that extra closet space to good use, somehow. Other perks to keep an eye out or ask owners about: Wi Fi, video games, DVDs, books and board games for when the weather is less than stellar.

Staying Busy

While winery hopping may be the main draw of this part of California, it’s by no means the only thing to do when visiting. In fact, taking a break from the grape may be wise. In your down time, check out the local art scene with galleries featuring local artists found all over Napa and Sonoma. Or get adventurous. Sign up for a hot air balloon ride or helicopter tour for an aerial view of the vineyards. The sky's the limit.


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