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  • Best Summer Vacations for Couples

    Summer is the season to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life and enjoy the sunshine. Summer vacations aren't only for families; there are also many romantic destinations that set the scene for a great couple's getaway. Whether you want to trav…

  • Dog Friendly Beach Vacations

    Looking to take your four-legged companion along with you on your next beach vacation? There's no doubt that a beach trip is a real-world equivalent of canine heaven, packed withnew smells, birds to chase, sand to roll in, and plenty of water for swimming.…

  • When and Where to View Fall Foliage (Infographic)

    Sometime around late September, autumn color begins to appear on the trees in New England and in the mountains out West. Make it a point to get out and enjoy the visual treat of the warm fall colors in the cool crisp air of the season!

  • Offbeat Thanksgiving

    Turkeys, Tradition, and Travel : When it comes to Thanksgiving, tradition seems to reign. Trying out a new gravy recipe is about as much experimentation as some people care to engage in, but for those of us willing to trade comforting routine for a little …

  • Seven Amazing Sandcastles

    Check out the top 7 award-winning sand sculptures, then read on to learn how to make your own!

  • Top 10 Destinations for Spotting Spring Flowers

    Spring is finally here, melting away the last traces of a rough winter. With everyone flocking outdoors, why not plan an excursion to witness the peak flowering season first hand?

  • Top 10 Georgia Beaches

    From the romantic streets of Savannah to the nightlife in Atlanta, Georgia is full of urban attractions. Yet there is a whole other side of Georgia to explore: its excellent beaches.

  • Cheap Road Trips

    The notion of the open road once beckoned: travelers sought the long miles and endless adventures and wanted to experience the country from coast to coast. Affording such explorations now can prove to be challenging, however, because many families are unce…

  • Top New Year's Eve Destinations

    It happens every year: New Year’s Eve Overkill. The year’s biggest party night is over-hyped for months. The hotels are overbooked, drinks are overpriced, theme dinners are overdone, and the cheap decorations are, well, over-the-top. In fact, you’re so ov…

  • Things to Do in Brooklyn for Easter

    Many families choose Easter for a Spring Break vacation. Since the kids are out of school for the entire week, it's the perfect time to plan a family getaway. If a New York trip is in your plans, here are a few things to do in Brooklyn for Easter.