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Small Wedding Planning

Alcohol Calculator

Even a small wedding reception is a big party to plan. Here's our guide for how much beer, liquor and wine you should plan, based on how many guests you're inviting.

(Numbers of bottles are based on averages per hour.)

For 25 Guests
  • Beer: 17
  • Wine: 4
  • Liquor: 1

For 50 Guests
  • Beer: 34
  • Wine: 7
  • Liquor: 2

For 100 Guests
  • Beer: 67
  • Wine: 14
  • Liquor: 4

Plan to spend 10 to 20% of your wedding budget on alcohol costs if you're hosting an open bar, including a 20% tip of the total bar tab to the bartender.

Stocking the Bar

A wine bottle will yield 5 glasses of wine, and a bottle of champagne will fill the glasses of eight toasters. Expect to get about 18 mixed drinks from a bottle of liquor. Popular mixed drinks for receptions include:

Base your totals on about one drink per hour per person, and include a selection of non-alcoholic beverages in your plans. Have a wonderful time at your celebration!