Video Tips for a Gas-Friendly Getaway

Road Trips Prove Getting There is Half the Fun!

Saving Money on Vacation is Fun, Too

Going on a road trip for your next vacation? Enjoy the fun of driving with these useful tips for a gas-friendly getaway.

Preparing for the Trip

  • Check your air filter - A clean filter can improve your mileage.
  • Check tire alignment - Good alignment improves efficiency and extends tire life.
  • Get a tune up - A tuned up engine is more gas-friendly.
  • Check your tire pressure - Tires filled to the correct pressure give you the best gas mileage.
  • Lighten your load - Remove unneccesary weight and bulk by taking the things out of your trunk and storage space that you won't need for the trip.

On-the-Road Tip

  • Drive smoothly at a constant speed.
  • Observe speed limits - going a little slower uses less gas.
  • Don't idle at drive-thrus and pit stops.
  • Don't rev your engine - it wastes gas.

Where to go

We have some ideas - check out some of the best family vacation rental destinations and top New Jersey beaches for families. Have a great trip!


Road-Worthy Vacation Destinations

San Diego
Myrtle Beach
Orange Beach

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