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Best Valentine's Day Getaways

Whether you wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of this lovey-dovey day or write it off as purely commercial, there’s no denying one thing; Valentine’s Day is in February, a month that tends to be frigid, frosty and well-suited for a vacation. Compared to over-the-top hotel packages, affordable options are indeed available, so prepare to express your love for a good bargain.


Hawaii Spend a romantic Valentine's Day in a Maui condo overlooking the ocean.

You won’t be busting your budget (or offending your honey) by renting an oceanside cottage in a quieter corner of Maui. After watching whales breech from your private lanai, filling your days with rainforest hiking and sipping mai tais as the sun goes down you’ll forget what it’s like to shiver through a dreary morning or feel the twinge of regret that goes along with not getting what you pay for. Choose a cozy property removed from the main thoroughfare (try Hana, Haiku or Napili), you’ll surely enjoy a relaxed and romantic weekend.  



Sanibel Island, another affordable yet rendezvous-worthy spot, exhibits plenty of charm every day of the week; you don’t even need to sprinkle rose petals around the room to feel that you’re doing Valentine’s Day justice. Spend your time beachcombing, biking, swimming, surfing and generally ignoring the fact that it’s winter – all while spending a reasonable amount of money and being as traditionally or inventively romantic as you want.



For the same price as an elaborate couple’s package offered by a hotel chain, you could enjoy a delightfully unstructured respite from the rat race in one of the Caribbean’s hottest spots. A peaceful villa in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios and a few days to do what you like makes flowers and chocolates look downright lame, and if planned correctly this trip won’t have to stress out your bank account. What’s the secret to a happy V-Day? There’s a good chance it involves living it up on a beach without a care in the world.

Put the stamp of love on your relationship by taking your Valentine on a vacation. 


Securing a cute and classy house ideally situated on the stunning coast of Central California could be the best Valentine’s gift you’ve ever given yourselves. Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and many other beachside gems offer views and activities perfect for sharing with the person you adore (who can resist wine tours, scenic drives and a hot tub beneath the stars?), you’ll end up associating this holiday with lovely and - delightfully uncheesy - memories forever. 



Another place to ditch bad weather in favor of a good deal is the romantic city of Charleston. History gives it depth and its southern locale gives it charm; there’s not much more you could want when looking to celebrate a warm and fuzzy holiday. February temperatures range from the 40’s to the 60’s so we’re not talking swimsuit weather here, but ambling around a friendly town and taking a breather without pushing the credit limit is what a love-filled holiday is, or could be, all about.






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