My Anti-Valentine?

6 Un-Valentine’s Day Destinations

You might have learned that Valentine’s Day pays homage to the late Saint Valentine (who?) but these days it only means one thing - scrambling to find a clichéd gift for your special someone. Can a box of eight dollar chocolates really express those feelings you’ve been holding inside?  Or should you fork over your cash for a diamond that lasts forever (and, presumably, longer than Mr. or Mrs. Right Now)? You don't have to jump on the love bandwagon in order to take a Valentine's vacation.

You’re not the only one who thinks Cupid is stupid. Whether you’ve suffered a recent break up, prefer to fly solo, or refuse to buy into a manufactured holiday, escape the national love fest by planning a weekend getaway. Warm up at the beach or cool off on the slopes or explore a city you’ve never been to before.

Off-season rates are usually much cheaper than peak travel times and you can escape the tourist crowd. And just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to stay in a single hotel room. Grab a group of friends and chip in on a vacation rental where you can enjoy home amenities – away from home.

Denver, Colorado

One spot for the lovelorn is Denver, Colorado, which consistently ranks as a Number One City for Singles, according to Forbes Magazine. Find out why with a weekend vacation in the Mile High City - where the mountains are rockier than your last fling. Ski season is in full swing for those who wish drive to the surrounding ski resorts to test out the slopes. If not, get down in Cowtown’s numerous local pubs and breweries that are surely to be packed with other singles who think Valentine’s Day is for the birds (but not the bees).

Nashville, Tennessee

If all your exes live in Texas, do like the country song and head to Tennessee. Nashville is a big city with a small town vibe and is known around the world as “Music City.” There’s no better place to nurse a broken heart than the country music capital of the world - where love-gone-wrong songs are a dime a dozen. Visit the Grand Ole Opry, a Nashville relic, or check out the live music venues on Music Row. Who says you can’t two-step alone?

Leave love to the birds and embark on a sweet vacation with your favorite person: you. Sonoma County, California

Stop whining about your love life (or lack thereof) and plan a visit to the California wine country instead. There’s nothing better than drowning your sorrows in a bottle of red after you’ve just been burned by an ex-lover. Sonoma is known for its moderate climate, gorgeous scenery and some of the best varietals in the world. Stay in a vacation rental near the local vineyards and learn how grapes are harvested and then transformed into award-winning wines.

Folly Beach, South Carolina

Just say no to PDA and seek out some R & R instead. Folly Beach, a barrier island close to Charleston, is considered “The Edge of America”- where better to get away from it all? Stop dwelling on past mistakes and head for the beach where the South Carolina sunshine will thaw your icy heart. Enjoy the fresh seafood found everywhere from shacks to elegant five-star restaurants – or cook what you catch at home in your beach house rental’s kitchen.

Surprise, Arizona

You never know what might be lurking around the corner when you travel to Surprise, Arizona. Could it be the next person to steal your heart? Surprise is one of the fastest growing cities in the state and an oasis in the middle of the Sonora Desert. Round up a group of friends and plan a golf vacation. Rent a vacation home on the green of a well-kept golf course for an even more convenient stay.

Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania

Lake Harmony is a peaceful place to wait for the Valentine Hype to play out. For people who live on the East Coast, The Poconos are especially convenient for quick and convenient getaways. If you thought your last date was a wild ride, get ready to test out the whitewater rafting that’s popular on Lake Harmony. Or, if you have the need for speed, head to the Pocono Raceway and catch a NASCAR race for a taste of life in the fast lane.

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