Unconventional Thanksgiving Vacations

Turkeys, Tradition, and Travel : When it comes to Thanksgiving, tradition seems to reign. Trying out a new gravy recipe is about as much experimentation as some people care to engage in, but for those of us willing to trade comforting routine for a little adventure, the options are endless and enticing.

Vegas Vacation

destinations_las_vegas_sign.jpgThe pilgrims had no way of knowing that their descendants would one day be more interested in rolling dice than harvesting crops, but choosing Las Vegas as the site of Turkey Day festivities strikes most modern Americans as anything but strange. Star-studded shows, dinners to die for and all the usual glitz and gaudiness that Vegas provides might make you forget what day it is, but you’ll no doubt end up feeling thankful that you chose to celebrate a little differently

Exit Strategy

Tradition for many people entails flying home for the holiday, praying that the weather cooperates and airports aren’t too circus-like. Be smart and avoid air travel on the Wednesday before and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and try to book early to find the best rates. Bypassing typical flight patterns will not only smooth out potential rough spots, it will enhance the delicious feeling that comes with doing something different.

Across the Sea

There’s no such thing as Thanksgiving anywhere else but in the United States, which means this is a great time, budget-wise, to visit a foreign land. Whether touring the museums of Paris, pub-crawling in London or skiing in the Swiss Alps, there’s no reason why you can’t spend the third Thursday of November giving thanks for your own ingenuity.

With A Twist

Perhaps you don’t want to abandon the whole turkey-and-mashed-potato thing altogether but crave a change of scenery. It’s perfectly possible to hit the beach or enjoy a winter sports extravaganza and eat your pumpkin pie too; all it takes is a little resourcefulness. Either research the area you’ll be staying in search of a Thanksgiving buffet or undertake the cooking in the well-equipped kitchen of a vacation rental. Keep an open mind, bring along your recipe book and let the vibes of your chosen locale add a little flavor to the status quo.

Do Some Good

marathon-runners-cold-weather.jpgYes, it’s important to set aside a time to give thanks for friends and family, but there’s no denying that most of us end this day feeling overstuffed and lethargic. Volunteering at a local shelter or running in a Thanksgiving 5K are a couple ways to counterbalance possible excesses, and if you want to go all out check in with charitable organizations, service projects and education programs around the world. Give the day a larger purpose and squeeze in some travel while you’re at it – everyone’s a winner.

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