From Theme Parks to Landmarks

Spring Break Hotspots

Spring Break vacations often evoke images of scantily clad co-eds and drunken frat guys chugging beer on the beach.  If you have kids, or are over the whole college scene, stay away from Spring Break standbys like Panama City Beach, Acapulco, or Cancun -- (check the college calendars). With the summer just around the corner, there will be plenty of time for sun worshipping in July. This March, think outside the box instead and consider these family-friendly Spring Break destinations. From theme parks to ski trips, the only thing you’ll be wondering is which vacation rental you should book.

Theme ParksTaking the family to a theme park is an excellent idea for Spring Break.

Feel like a kid again when you step through the gates of a well known theme park. Whether it’s the Wonderful World of Disney in Orlando, or a taste of Texas at Six Flags Fiesta, the US is home to several theme parks that will delight all ages. Cotton candy, roller coasters, and cartoon characters come to life all make up the theme park experience. To save money, cook meals in your vacation rental’s kitchen, or pack a lunch – eating meals at these parks can get quite costly. Instead, spend your cash on souvenirs you can keep or enjoy a cool popsicle while waiting in line.

Disney/Orlando, Florida

San Antonio, Texas

Orange County, Califorina

National Parks

For a breath of fresh air, leave the traffic, concrete and smog of the city behind and remind yourself that there’s more to life than cars and computers. This Spring Break visit one the US national parks – beautiful areas of woodlands and forest that are kept free from development and are designed to protect the wildlife and ecosystems. There are several vacation rentals near national parks if shacking up in a canvas tent for a week doesn’t particularly appeal to you. Spend your time off biking, hiking, and observing nature undisturbed. You’ll return home feeling healthier, both mentally and physically, after some time spent in the great outdoors.

Joshua Tree, California

Yellowstone, Montana

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Whether you choose the Candadian or US side, Niagara Falls is a great Spring Break destination.Natural Wonders

Some of the most spectacular sights in the world aren’t man-made skyscrapers or domed stadiums, but natural wonders, and a few of them exist within the United States. Why not make a trip out of seeing these naturally occurring phenomena and create memories to last your entire life? Don’t forget to take your camera along so you can capture these moments on film to show your friends who won’t believe you actually made the trip. Look into vacation rentals near these hot spots because hotels are likely to be crowded and overpriced in these touristy spots.

Niagara Falls, New York

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Black Hills, South Dakota

Grand Canyon, Arizona


US Landmarks

Pack everyone into the station-wagon and embark on a road trip to a famous national landmark for a slice of Americana. In today’s culture of the Internet, reality shows, and Blackberries, why not get back to a simpler way of life and take a vacation like the ones you took as a kid? Highways are better paved now, cars are more comfortable, and there are several vacation rentals all over the country. Forget about kicking it at a roadside motel (whose rates have also risen considerably since the days of your youth) and stay in a vacation house or condo instead. After all that quality time in the car, you and yours will be grateful for the extra room to spread out in.

St. Louis, Missouri

San Francisco, California

Washington D.C.

Seattle, Washington


Ski Trips

Hit the slopes while you still can. Spring Break is the best time to go on a ski trip – the sun is shining, the weather is warming up a bit, but there is still enough snow on the ground for those last minute runs. Imaging skiing in jeans or a t-shirt on a spring day – much more comfortable than bundling up just to be able to weather December’s biting chill. Check into a vacation house or condo with ski-in/ski-out access for even more convenience and stay ahead of the ski lodge’s plan to jack you for all your hard earned cash – pack lunches or cook meals at home instead of paying ten bucks for a bag of chips.

Copper Mountain, Colorado

Park City, Utah

Jackson Hole, Wyoming