When and Where to Celebrate Oktoberfest

So, how did this worldwide beer bash get started? Oktoberfest started as a German wedding celebration for Bavaria's Prince Ludwig. It featured a horse race and 40,000 revelers. The festival eventually turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Here's when and where to celebrate Oktoberfest in the USA.

Why, What & Where?

Columbus, Ohio

Why? Top Choice - most well-rounded
What? German Village Oktoberfest
Details? Ohio is considered "German America," and for Oktoberfest, that couldn't be more true... it hosts a 223-acre German Village, 32 bands, an artisan marketplace, and of course the standard buffet of German food and beer.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Why? It ranks as a "top ten" fest in the world.
What? Tulsa Oktoberfest
Details? USA Today chose Tulsa as one of the top 10 places in the world to celebrate Oktoberfest. Unique attractions like Beer Barrel Racing, and "Bands from Bavaria" make it memorable, and the 20 food stands don't hurt, either.

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Why? It's the largest!
What? Oktoberfest Zinzinnati
Details? Enjoy the largest Oktoberfest in the country for two days packed with Bavarian festivities, from a chick dance event to beer gardens to folk dancers to German chocolate. There's also the world's largest kazoo band! 500,000 people show up for the event every year.

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Big Bear Lake, CA

Why? It's been around for over 40 years.
What? Big Bear Lake Oktoberfest
Details? Big Bear Lake transforms into a quaint German hamlet for Oktoberfest for six weekends in September and October. Attendees can look forward to a stein-carrying contest, Bavarian dumplings, and more.

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Denver, Colorado

Why? Great location, and lots of history to go with it
What? Oktoberfest Denver
Details? Enjoy two weekends of accordian concerts, a keg roll, a pretzel toss, and other unique Oktoberfest events.

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Munich, Germany

Why? It's the original!
What? THE Oktoberfest
Details? Watch the mayor of Munich tap the first keg of Oktoberfest beer, listen to 400 Bavarian musicians, and hang out with six million other partiers in the place that started it all.

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Oktoberfest Vacation Rentals

Oktoberfest events happen all over the United States from September through October. Now that you know when and where to celebrate Oktoberfest, partake in the fun without wasting money by booking a vacation rental near an event you're interested in.

Celebrating Oktoberfest Infographic

when and where to celebreat oktoberfest infographic