How to Do Oktoberfest Cheap

Every fall there is one festival that encourages people to eat, drink, and be merry: Oktoberfest. While attending the festival in its hometown of Munich would definitely be fun, this could also be an expensive trip. If you're wondering how to do Oktoberfest cheap, there are several ways to celebrate without boarding a plane bound for Germany. Across the U.S. there are Oktoberfest celebrations that will rival those found in Munich. With a few strategies, you can visit these festivals without emptying your wallet.

attractions_oktoberfest_beer_friends.jpgCheap Oktoberfest Destinations

Maybe one day you will get to Munich for Oktoberfest, but this year, why not attend a festival right in the U.S.? Boston has a well-established festival that is spread over multiple venues. The Seattle Oktoberfest takes place in the Fremont neighborhood, giving you the opportunity to explore beyond the center of the city. If you've never been to Denver, you might be able to take advantage of out-of-season airfares for Denver Oktoberfest . For a relaxing vacation on the beach, you can link up Oktoberfest with a trip to Ocean City, Maryland. One of the best festivals takes place in Chicago, where you can raise a glass of German brew with friendly mid-westerners.


Choose a Vacation Rental

The first answer to how to do Oktoberfest cheap is to choose a vacation rental. No matter where you choose to celebrate, a vacation rental will help keep extra costs down. You can save money on meals by taking advantage of your own private kitchen. Many rentals offer multiple bedrooms, allowing you to split the cost of a vacation rental with friends. From Boston to Chicago and Ocean City to Seattle, a vacation rental will set the stage for an affordable Oktoberfest celebration.

Research Individual Festivals

Some large cities have many different venues for one larger festival. Take the Boston Oktoberfest , for example. In Boston you can choose to celebrate at one of the local breweries (such as the Sam Adams or Harpoon breweries) or join one of the local street parties. By investigating each individual option and their prices, you can find the cheapest way to do Oktoberfest in a given destination. You might also want to keep your options open regarding a destination. Trying to celebrate Oktoberfest in a big city like Boston might be more expensive than the same amount of fun and festivities in a place like Ocean City, Maryland.

oktoberfest.jpgSet a Budget

Destinations across the country are developing a reputation for Oktoberfest celebrations. In Denver, San Francisco, and Chicago celebrations all include German beers, food, live entertainment, and more. While it can be easy to go all out, one strategy for how to do Oktoberfest cheap is to give yourself a budget. Make an educated guess by researching in advance the cost of beer, food, and admission tickets. One way to stick to your budget is to make decisions on food very carefully. What food options give you the most bang for your buck? Spend your budget wisely and you can stretch those dollars even further.

Do Your Homework

Sometimes budgets can be broken because of a lack of research. For example, one important thing to research is transportation. Where is the festival held? What kind of public transportation can be used to get there? Does the transportation run all night? If you have these questions answered, you can avoid hefty taxi fares by being knowledgeable about local transportation. If you aren't a wiz in the kitchen, you will also want to research affordable restaurants. Where can you get a filling and cheap breakfast sandwich? By doing a little research in advance, you can avoid spending unnecessary money.

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