Romantic Getaways for Two

All around the world you can find romantic getaways for two. Perfect for honeymoons or simply relaxing with your favorite person, a romantic vacation will bring the two of you together and allow you to reconnect.

Couple-friendly Vacation Guide

Travel has a way of always feeling romantic, especially when visiting a new destination together. That being said, traveling solo is definitely different than traveling with your partner and like all things in a healthy relationship, compromise is key. Whether in search of outdoor adventure or shopping the latest trends, these five vacation ideas will get you in the romantic mood.

1. Check off your Bucket List

We all have a travel bucket list—a wish list places we want to visit during our lifetime. One might be surprised by how many of these dream destinations we all share, like trekking the Inca Trail or taking a gondola ride in Venice. There are two ways to go about this: either invite your partner to join you on your dream vacation or decide on one together.

  • Spotting Northern Lights: The Northern Lights are best seen between February and March so make sure to pack your warmest winter gear. These vibrant lights can be seen in Alaska, parts of Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland.
  • Visit the Galapagos Islands: Arguably the most famous of wildlife destinations, travelers flock here every year for the green highlands, cactus forests and lava formations plus the exotic wildlife native to the island.
  • Visit the Grand Canyon: One doesn’t have to travel far to appreciate life’s natural wonders. Tourists can tour the canyon a variety of ways opting for a luxurious glamp-site will up the romance factor.



2. Visit an Iconic City

When it comes to romantic locales, cities like Paris, Rome and Barcelona are tough to top. From world-class art museums to cobbled streets, these cities are dripping with personality and intrigue. For many, it’s also a bit like time traveling, as many streets look the same as they did decades earlier.

  • New OrleansThere’s hardly a better place to listen to jazz music than New Orleans. The French Quarter is a colorful display of buildings that serve as specialty shops, bars and restaurants.
  • FlorenceThis Italian city is a dream come true for both art lovers and anyone who appreciates a fresh bowl of Tuscan pasta. Plus, it’s easy to get around on foot. 
  • PragueCastles, cathedrals and the medieval Old Town Astronomical Clock are just a few reasons why Prague captivates tourists. Don’t forget to sample some of the local wines. 



3. Bike through Vineyards

Wine tasting is an interactive way to explore new territory, especially when there’s biking involved. Popular wine regions almost always offer group bus tours but with so many options of vineyards to visit and wines to sample, renting a bike and going at your own pace allows for more flexibility in one’s schedule.

  • Napa and SonomaThere are roughly 450 wineries in Napa and 300 in Sonoma, so bikers have their pick of where to go.
  • The Finger LakesNew York’s Finger Lakes is as scenic as the wines are flavorful. When your legs can petal no more, spend the night in one of the upscale rentals in the area.
  • The Wachau ValleyLocated just outside of Vienna and accessible by train, Wachau Valley has a well laid-out bike trail that takes tourists through wineries and medieval towns.


4. Take a road trip

A long road trip might sound like a fight waiting to happen, but these adventures are often the most memorable. If you’re not up for a cross-country road trip just yet, test the waters with a nearby destination that is two or three hours from your hometown.

  • The Florida Keys: This journey is likely packed with food, water sports and beach bars. The chain of islands is 120-miles long and plenty of photo-worthy stops along the way.
  • Hana Highway, Maui:  In total, it takes drivers four or more hours to travel the 51 miles from Kahului to Hana but that’s all part of the fun. There are waterfalls, sea-cliffs and mango trees that hover overhead.
  • Pacific Coast HighwayA trip to the west coast is not complete without a drive along the California coast. Keep an eye out for Hearst Castle.


5. Hit the beach

It’s hard to go wrong with a trip to the beach. For a quiet retreat, think about traveling during off-season since flights and rentals will be less expensive. Even during high season, it’s very possible to find quiet moments to share like mornings walks on the beach, intimate dinners or semi-private surf classes.

  • Venice BeachIf looking for both city and beach, Los Angeles is a safe bet. A bohemian atmosphere, manmade canals and bustling boardwalk make this an easy beach escape. Plus, the people-watching is entertainment enough.
  • Assateague BeachOn the far other end of the spectrum is Assateague Island, Virginia. Famous for the wild horses that roam here, it’s among the top destinations for seeing wildlife in their natural environment.
  • Trunk BayLocated in St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands, Trunk Bay is ideal for snorkelers and divers. There’s even an underwater snorkel trail.

Travel Tips for Couples on Vacation

Spontaneity is great for a relationship but can cause problems down the road, at least when it comes to booking your vacation. Before booking your flights, become familiar with the city or town you’re planning to visit. Is the weather rainy this time of year? Is there a festival happening the same weekend as your visit? Also take into account high and low season. Are you hoping to save money or more concerned with avoiding crowds? Every couple is different and what bothers you might not bother your partner, and vice versa. 

Just like meeting the right person, timing is everything. If there’s a particular city you’ve always wanted to see a certain time of year, that might make all the difference. For example, Manhattan is particularly romantic right before Christmas when all the shops along 5th Avenue boast colorful lights and extravagant window displays. Couples interested in food and wine might want to take a cooking class in Paris. The day could start with a visit to the local farmer’s market and conclude with a candlelit dinner with view of the Eiffel Tower. 

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